Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by Lingyai, Oct 9, 2006.

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  1. Sky news Diana pics
    I knew about the arab shop owners son, the arab doctor and the rugby player, which one is the mong?
  2. YES! Just stumbled across this as well........
    Diana wanted Hoff
    Well worth a read, and believable too, after all, he was Knight Rider!
  3. Diana - Yawn!

    I know my views won't be shared by everyone..

    OK she wasn't exactly the saint people think she was and her death was a tragedy - but for Christ’s sake, lets move on.

    I can't get over the fact that she still accounts for so much space in the media so many years after her death. I mean I've seen deaths of soldiers on operations get pushed back several pages into the papers in favour of some new, or regenerated, piece of unsubstantiated gossip about her.

    Getting a little tired of it all now, but mostly getting tired of the fact that the media seem hell bent on knocking her of the pedestal they put her on in the first place.

  4. Must have had something going for her when "The Hoff" wanted a piece though, but then again, he did fall in love every week on baywatch.
  5. Hoffy is a self confessed alcoholic and has been for many years so the worlds of his reality and complete fantasy probably are heavily intermixed...along with his bacardi and vodka!!
  6. Now he really is my hero (second only to Mr T) :lol:
  7. Foxey mate, I'm with you 100% .
    Fer fcuk sake let her rest. Or better still give us a break from her ever present column space.

  8. Ditto
  9. Diana should be so lucky! Hoff had more sense than want to join the endless fawning pool of bed warmers with the same room temerature I.Q. as her (any port in a storm). He was and is THE legend, who cares about the dead bint when Hoff's still with us. (read to the sound of the Bay Watch theme and girlies wobbly bits in slow motion)

    Hoff, the man credited with bringing down the Berlin Wall.
    Diana, gone!

    ....No contest.
  10. I knew a lady called Diana once,,, haven't heard from her for a while though,,, nice girl she was,, loved to drink a bit though!
  11. Me too, reckon it was the same one in the afore mentioned posts, she only went out with two commandos.............(wait for it!)..... :lol:
  12. It is a sad sick world when a dead person is not allowed to rest in peace. I suppose the investigation must go on to satisfy the shop-keeper, no doubt with that money and power I would want my pound of flesh and the doubt seems to remain regarding the " accident". Wouldn't be the first death of convenience. Whatever was or is yes give it a rest as this has been flogged to death, no pun intended. Still sad to see a young woman in the prime of life killed and the dragging on of the matter terrible for the two sons,
  13. Paleeese!.. get over it Hobbit, who cares? A (supposedly) good looking woman dies in car crash, were you one of the thousands of whusses that shed a tear? (princess Grace of Monacco syndrome). She dripped enough when she was alive about how hard done by she was, great to see she's still drippng by proxy!

    Strange that mother Teresa pegged it around the same time but was knocked off of the top spot by "The Peoples Princess", a more worthy case for column inches methinks, but not having Elton and co as mates or being photogenic and cavourting with the the polo playing set and "Hello/OK" reading population relegated her to the inside pages.

    And even now we have the conspiracy theorists using the oxygen of publicity for this banal subject to inflict upon us a woman who from the grave still gets the column inches she so craved when alive.

    Erm...and what exactly did she contribute to our country apart from keeping the rag tops and glossy mags in biz!

    Every story about her keeps more worthy ones from our front pages Afghanistan/Iraq patently less news worthy when she's wheeled out.

    As for the "poor" kids, it's tough but shit happens, they'll want for nothing and I can't see either of 'em putting down rounds in a conflict zone near me anytime soon.

    So Dianaphiles get over it, you had your 15 minutes of andrex time (go and hug each other if it's still so painful for you) And this a Matelot/Booty site, sheeesh! get real. (F.F.D.'s are not for bleeding hearts)

    When God calls Endex that's it and he called it for her, so what?

    Bottom line Hoff's better looking anyway.

  14. Whatever it was or is yes give it a rest as this has been flogged to death, no pun intended.
  15. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Q: Why did Diana cross the road?
    A: Because she wasn't wearing a seatbelt.
  16. I know I am asking for it and standing by for the incoming. But I never liked the little bitch. at the moment I will keep my thoughts to myself, suffice to say the day they put her in the ground because of my views and opions of her they would not even serve me. I even volunteered to work that day.
  17. now get the full story in a new book.

  18. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Apparently Diana was on the radio...

    ...and the dashboard, and the windscreen...
  19. Was it 45 and 42? :D
  20. Q Why did Princess Di go to the scrapyard?

    A She needed a coil for a 1980 Princess!

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