Diana - same verdict regardless?

Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by golden_rivet, Dec 15, 2006.

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  1. OK that's that sorted out.

    Only thing is that even had she been murdered by persons known or unknown or had she been pregnant, and if she'd been about to present the King of England with a non-white half brother/step-father does anyone think the verdict would have been any different?
  2. Levers_Aligned

    Levers_Aligned War Hero Moderator

    Yep. She's dead.

    Meanwhile, over in the sandpit ...

  3. G R you say its sorted then again raise the conspiracy theory. Like JFC et-al. so many people would be involved and with the amount of media money sloshing around do you not think someone would have cashed in with only the tiniest bit of evidence if it existed. The theory WOLOB

    Bees in Bonnets jumps to mind.

  4. I tend to agree, although there is always the little niggle that the bigger the secret the easier it is to keep
  5. She's not dead, living on secret island with Dodi and kids!
  6. Who gives a Toss?
    Move on get a life, go back to watching soaps. Jeez!
  7. Front page of the Express made me laugh! Like a badly scratched and poorly produced record.

    I'm surprised they sell any papers at all.
  8. Seadog

    Seadog War Hero Moderator

    All the hogwash spouted by Mo Fayed, grieving father or not, really grips. If the 'establishment' was really so powerful and ruthless, they'd start by offing some scum lower down the food chain. Then, they'd do Fayed Senior in. I feel sorry for Princes William and Harry having to listen to Fayed's rants.

    The Met brought a former commissioner out of retirement and gave him a team of coppers to investigate a death by drink driving, something the French had already done. I'm surprised the French allowed such a thing.

    Conspiracy theorists always believe an official debunking is a conspiracy too, so what's the point? And who paid?
  9. Famous people can't die normally like the rest of us. There has to be a conspiracy.

    My favourite is that Rod Hull was fired at by an airgun, causing him to lose his balance and fall, the resulting injuries masking the relatively small impact of the .22 pellet.

    This was done on the orders of MI5.
  10. This is just Al Fayed's way of getting back at the Establishment for not giving him a bloody passport. Really can't stand the smug bastard. And he doesn't let members of the armed forces in the Queen's uniform into his shop.

    He sounds like a stuck record about Diana/Dodi. He was always going to call the investigation a whitewash as long as it didn't agree with what he already believes.
  11. Al Fayed gets right up my goat and I wish the stumpy little berk would naff off back to his homeland.

    She died over 9 years ago, get on with your own life mate and let it be.
  12. Naw, she is running a chip shop with Elvis in Stockport

  13. The EMU pushed him and is alive and well living with Diana and Dodi!!
  14. Just as an aside, have a look at that picture of Diana and Gemima Khan in the Mail........................Sisters or what? same eyes, same trumpet, same build!!!!
  15. What a waste of public money, of course it's sad when any young mother is killed but two lessons have come out of it, don't be a passenger when the driver is pissed up and wear your seat belt.
  16. The fact of the matter is that many people, especially those personally affected by tragedies like this (Mo' Al-Fayed) simply can't accept that the world is full of chaos, and that when accidents happen, they don't necessarily have to be anyone's fault. As it stands, there are people who could be blamed if you dig into it, Henri Paul for being twice over the legal limit is a good place to start, (no good to Al-Fayed though, Paul's dead as we know), the staff at the Ritz hotel for hiring an alcoholic as a driver is another place to look, but as Al-Fayed owns the Ritz in Paris, he's hardly going to attract shite to his own back yard. He, like lots of people just want someone to point the finger at and say "it's your fault". Often though, that can't be done. People just need to come terms with that.
  17. :D

    I never bought a paper because she was in it. I wasn't interested then and I'm not now. I hate the cult of celebrity. Don't care how she died. End of dit.
  18. She got in a car with a drunk driver, who was an arrogant bastard when sober, and worse when drunk.

    He thought he was a brilliant driver. He was wrong. She died because of it.

    End of dit.

    Anyone who believes it was a conspiricy really does need some meaning in there lives, and stop trying to find it where it doesent exist. She wasn't pregnant, and she wasn't engaged, and if you read the Bodyguards book on it, she wasn't going to be Dodi's girlfriend much longer either. Passion had gone, and they were more like brother and sister, with all the signs it was coming to a natural end.

    As for Al Fayed - one word. Prick. Boot the little bad mouthing twat back to Egypt.
  19. I'm with Jimmy Green here. Hate "celeb worship" but do like a good conspiracy. This, I don't think, is one though.
    I was in the Eastern Med on the annual Turkish Navy jaunt several years ago. We were operating with a Spanish ship called "Diana". The CO turned to the OOW having spent a minute looking thru his come-closer-scopes and asked, "Where's Diana?"
    The answer - "She's dead Sir, live with it".
  20. Seadog

    Seadog War Hero Moderator

    And the OOW was Afternoon / Middle for ever more? Or did the old man have a sense of humour?

    I hope Fayed faces action from everyone he accuses of murder or conspiracy from here on. There are no excuses (poor man, lost a son) now. Whether he's not facing up to his employee, the driver being to blame or is pining for what he wasn't going to be - stepgrandfather of the British King-I don't know. I do know he is an annoying man.

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