Diamond Lils Caption Contest

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by BillyNoMates, Feb 28, 2009.

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  1. US soldier misunderstands the idea of camels having humps
  2. Sorry, i thought you were a lady camel.
  3. If they soon don't get us some better transport, I'm off... :lol:
  4. Some men are hung like a horse...but that guy is showing off!
  5. I was thinking of a blowjob but these fcukers carry syphillis in their saliva.
  6. Nice in at last, right up to the maker's name plate. :oops: :p
  7. Did our american friend misunderstand me ahmed? He ask what we do here for jigajig I tell him ride camel,but I mean to next village for a woman. Not fcuck camel :roll:
  8. Bernie Clifton had taken to National Service with aplomb.
  9. An American, short-sighted soldier mistakes camel for his wife.
  10. What, this isn't a desert sheep! o_O
  11. Did you say one hump or two?
  12. For $50 I was expecting a pretty one.
  13. I said Smoke a Camel not poke a camel!!!!
  14. Thought It Was A Wren in a Duffle Coat
  15. An American perfectly sighted soldier prefers camel to his wife 8O
  16. so doll do you spit or swallow?
  17. Hlod slitl you btcih, I's on de vngiear skortes, oh yaeh!!!! :oops:

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