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Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Ninja_Stoker, Oct 13, 2010.

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  1. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Well, we've had the best, the worst, the most laughable, you name it. But, it's time for "Sycophant's Corner"... who do you reckon (not mods or admin) are the best 3 overall contributors who keep the site alive? And why?

    For starters, I can't vote for Soleil because I've met her & we can't have favouritism, but many is the time I have to wind my neck in & admire the patience & diligence of someone who simply cares, whilst I'd sooner ignore the query or tell them to "do one".

    For making me laugh out loud (No, not bleedin' LOL, I mean genuinely) it has to be MLP, 2DD, & the "Pongos". Whatisname? JJ & the other one, erm oh yeah BlackMouse or something. Tommo's nearly there, too come to think of it (sprog).

    Rock-steady, consistent contributors? Too many to mention but obviously WreckerL, Guzzler, Stix

    In the "Not Too Bad, even though they're Officers" category, Alf, Guns, Naval Gazer, Seaweed, instantly spring to mind.

    Old duffers? (apart from me) 2BM, Granny..

    OK pick three, erm...snap decision:

    MLP, 2DD & JJ. Why? Who cares, I didn't mean it anyway.
  2. Very tough one - and like the old 'favourite songs/films' etc probably changeable on an almost daily basis.

    For now:

    Sol - for helpfulness & understanding in general

    2DD - for the 'day in the life of an officer' bit earlier on

    Blackrat - for having a tweed jacket and pipe

    Special award to Naval Gazer for me though - his historical input is invariably fascinating.
  3. I think Rumrat and Sterling should be up for contention. Sol is the obvious No 1 ( I have to ask Sol, do you EVER get annoyed???)

    Not forgetting XRD and other green lidded thingy's and not forgetting our online experts NS, SM and Angrydoc who answer the same questions on a weekly basis.

    I'll have to give this some thought :?
  4. Sol for the patience that goes beyond anything humanly possible.
    BlackRat for his thread on the Miners and the mighty COTW
    Sweetpea for the help she gives to people looking for info on relatives and that kind of thing.

    Bit varied but in my short time here its stood out

    And a special mention for the Charity stuff done by several members like X.R.D.
  5. I feel honoured NS even mentioned me :)

    For that NS can have my prized wank sock as a gift.

    My top three...... 2DD, Rumrat and Blackrat.

    Soleil doesn't need mentioning, her actions speak for themselves
  6. Blackrat

    Blackrat War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Blackmouse? He's more of a tosser than that Blackrat bloke. I've met them both and i fucking hate them. I wouldn't hesitate to skiff all of their cutlery and shit in their sinks, the pongo wankers.

    As for the following MOD's:

    Angry Dic
    NZ Boobneck
    Wet Patchy

    I would lag in their maggots but i get the feeling they would like it. Especially those booties. Perverts.

    I like everyone on this site, except the cunts.

    Soleil is the best because she is lovely.
  7. Ahhhhhhhh bugger. Top three aint enough. Too many top class people here!
  8. Rumbled and I try so hard to disguise it. :wink:
    1) Sol, for trawling the web for news and being a good egg to the noobs.
    2)The pongoes, you know who you are.
    3)StixJimbo, tup three nuff said.
    XRD and Labrum must get a special mention for fashion and stalking advice.
    And even though he's a MOD Blobs for services to men in big pink spotty suits and some excellent showbiz dits at BBQs :wink:
  9. Funnily enough I was going to mention you NZB! (nothing like a bootneck love in!)

    Was going to mention NS but I'm not now (to think I rold you I loved you), I'll go for Deano instead (best of the pongos on here)!

    I enjoy reading Guns, Rumrat oh and ATG gets a MID for unleashing my Gib rants with his bordering on the racist posts on the subject.

    Finky for his sincerity, likewise Jimbo

    RR itself gets a big thumbs up for getting me back in touch with the only bootneck that looks gash in Ron Hills, XRD
  10. Your all Cnuts. FACT!!

    However I think i will frequent the site more often as it seems to be lacking in Bootnecks with a bit of Panache of late and needs a mincer in gash Ron Hills to prance about and cause mayhem.

    Special thanks to those who have sponsored me in the past and also to 2DD, MLP and a few others for their unique blend of humour that make me laugh frequently!!

    Lastly R.I.P Ron Jeremy
  11. All of the above and also white -mafia although we haven't heard from him for a while Anyone know anything?
  12. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Jeez, no wonder my PLRs were always to cock. It is Logistics Officer you're going to be isn't it? (Funnily enough I'm in BRNC on 9th Nov, so I'll try to look you up if you're there.)

    Seriously though, know wotcha mean with regard limiting numbers to three as there's always the danger of offending someone by omission. Fortunately for me it's only the Booties so far. :wink:
  13. Cheers for the nominations chaps.

    My favourites have to be Deano, Seadog and Chicogiz.

    In all seriousness, there are loads of posters who keep this place ticking over, each of whom would leave a void if they stopped logging on. There are far too many to mention individually and it would be unfair to choose. I've had a chuckle at everyone's posts, but MLP, JJ and Blackrat seem to consistently raise a smile.

    The reason why I originally joined RR was due to some of the funny threads on here that others had posted, I didn't give a shit about the Newbies forum or the fact that the crew of HMS Dangleberry had been granted the Freedom of the City of Rimming Hoopshire, it was all about the mess deck banter which I found in 'lils.

    The threads I generally post in are usually noteworthy for having some funny content already, this is what motivates me and others to hammer out some inane crap. I believe that good posts and amusing anecdotes encourage other people to contribute, this creates an exponential effect and eventually you end up with a group of funny fcukers posting good shit. i.e. what we have here on this site.

    So to summarise, my advice to new posters on this site is; if you find a thread funny, make the effort to think "how can I add to this," the more people we have contributing the better it becomes for everyone involved.

    And remember ''it's only the internet!''
  14. Wot? No Prizes?

    I reckon the First prize must be the keys to the San Jose mine, much bigger than even Jo-Jo's Cellar.

    Hope they didn't do a MQ-like march-out when they vacated it; nothing more cosier than 67x33 Chilean Miner days worth of sheer squalor.
  15. Each and everyone of you have made me spurt tea all over the monitor at some time or other so all Top's IMO, agree with 2DD, we need more contribution to fun threads, so come on you lurkers......over 11,000 members, get thrashing that keyboard. brushteeth
  16. Second all the guys (and girls) mentioned fcuking pissed meself so many times keeps me sane ish and I am getting a little less angry with them submariner cnuts
  17. 8O Careful Stan,

    you'll be awarded one of those new Bomber pins next - If only because no-one entiitled seems to want them :wink:
  18. Sorry guys can't help myself sometimes :D
  19. You can take it out on us until your testicles get re-attached ref. your oppo spinning those dits to your missus :wink:
  20. Blackrat

    Blackrat War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Stan has got to be up there. He's so fucking bonkers you can't help but love him.

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