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Discussion in 'Site Issues' started by higthepig, Jul 3, 2007.

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  1. There was a post recently placed in Diamond Lil`s that was immediately removed to the gash barge, DL`s is for all the crap and rubbish, why was it moved, It`s got to some stage now when DL`s is being censored,can whoever removed it kindly explain why?, that the post was crap is not good enough reason for removing it, it`s no wonder, in my opinion that people are leaving the site.
  2. Good call, htp. Answers??
  3. Hig what you may see as a good post, maybe viewed as dull by others. DL's in my view was formed as a 'no barrs held' forum, however, like the rest of the site, if the Mods looking over that forum have had complaints about something or agree it's tosh, then off it goes, not every thread maks an outstanding read, so leave it be.

    Instead of complaining in the open like you tend to, it was one post, one out of how many are moved? Not many at all, lil's is fairly left a lone, so one thread isn't the end of the world. Maybe consult the mods before throwing teddies.

    As for members leaving, it's not to do with posts being moved..............may want to point the finger of blame else where :thumright:
  4. I nominate Higgy for DL's Chief Censor... oops I mean Moderator. :notworthy:

    Jenny, can I have one of those teddies your throwing out of Hig's pram? :razz:
  5. Sadly anything that is light enough for me to throw has be taken out of my reach recently :rambo:
  6. Alright then, tip Hig out of the pram (onto a nearby coconut mat) and wheel the pram full of teddies over. :lol:
  7. Now as you all know, i'm not one to complain :)

    Ahh bollocks, thats left a foul taste in my ,erm, fingers :D
    Start again....

    Hig I see what you are saying mate with respect to Lils etc but as JD says it IS only one thread.
    I have an idea (bear with me ;) )
    How about, each section CA/DL/GB etc etc has a sticky for the MOD to post relevant news etc in it i.e "This thread has been deleted/locked/whatever because of blah blah".
    It wouldn't take long for whatever MOD to write a few quick lines thus keeping us minions in the picture a bit about what has happened.

    Just a thought, maybe it will help :)
  8. It may well help but then the usual complainers would still come out of hiding to complain :thumright:

    It's a no win situ I am affraid.

    My advice, get over it, it's only a thread and it's still available to read xx
  9. Understood JD :)
    T'was only an idea.
  10. Great idea Lamri. I'll hug you just as soon as I can prise you away from your messmates/wife! :wink: :smile: That'll cheer me up.
  11. By the way when did i mention it was a good post?
  12. It's to do with this thread, no need to run and hide behind something else hig. You are one of the top complainers on this site when it comes to threads being removed, deleted etc.

    Like it has been said many time before, approach the mod in question rather than attempting the same debate that rolls over and over again.
  13. Id like to complain about the complaint made against the complainant!This complaint from the complainant isnt really a complaint but more of a moan.
  14. The question was asked of the mods on DL`s, are you one?
    Everytime theres a question on site issues, you rant about people throwing teddies,
    as to looking elsewhere for reasons people are leaving the site, it would`nt have anything to do with Moderators would it?
    Top complainer? if you don`t like it then have me removed because, personally with people like you on here, i don`t give a shit.
  15. No, I replied because you asked a question open aired. Now if it was for a mod in general, PM them.

    As for you 'not giving a sh*t', you know where the door is, no one is forcing you to stay :thumright:

  16. Heads-up for you Higs; I didn't move the post but I'll try and find out who did and the reasoning for it

  17. Whatcha mean, come out of hiding???
  18. Fair point :thumright:
  19. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    What was the post about?

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