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Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by higthepig, May 27, 2007.

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  1. has the Gash Barge been removed?
  2. Its still available as far as I can see Higs. We need it as it's one of only two places available for the gang of four (or fortyfour) to post.
  3. Its still there hig.
  4. I know its there but why wont pink and fluffy come up?
  5. I`ve just posted a new thing in the Gash Barge but its not showing, all the other forums show, relegated .
  6. The gash barge is for 'gash dits/posts' etc, it has therefore been removed from taking space up on the homepage. You can still post but it won't update on the homepage like others.

    p.s. this is a site issue thing
  7. Why not?
  8. you think it's a good idea for 'new' members or nearly new members to see us advertise our rubbish threads from the gash barge? Great way of recruiting new members huh

    As G_CO said in site issues.............it ain't a problem, if it bothers you that much, click on forums and go to the gash barge.
  9. Well they dont HAVE to look do they?It does have a good description of the forum.Its not like buying a cream cake and when you open the box its a cream cracker is it???
  10. So what andy? There are more pressing issues at hand than the gash barge, get over it :rambo:
  11. CO's decision guy's, we will have to live with it.

  12. This cannot be for real - all of a sudden this is a serious site - what about all the the twonkish Daily Mail readers then? When will they be banned - pmsl - oops sorry they are the ones the site wants to recruit - lol - hey I vote ban everyone who can't spell they must be bad for the site's image :)

  13. noo becuase ta wil meen eye wil not b able 2 post
  14. Carl you had a few mate :pukel: :thumright:

  15. no NZB you got the wrong thread - that was certain individuals on the Plymouth run ashore :toilet:
  16. Not again!! :rofl: :lol: :pukel: :thumright:

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