Diamond Jubilee: The Queen no longer rules the waves


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From 165 RN warships 60 years ago reduced to one single destroyer HMS Diamond in 2012 the decrease of ships in HM Royal Navy brings tears to the eyes of an old stoker like me.

For mile upon mile they stretched, their flag-bedecked ranks receding into the haze. The ships of the Royal Navy, 165 of them, drawn up at Spithead on June 26 1897 to mark the diamond jubilee of Victoria, for 60 years Queen of Great Britain and Ireland and her dominions beyond the seas, and, since 1876, Empress of India.

Diamond Jubilee: The Queen no longer rules the waves - Telegraph

Diamond Jubilee: A 21-Gun Salute By HMS Diamond Starts Off The Celebrations With A Bang | UK News | Sky News
Aye AD - exasperation smiley

Not wishing to appear pedantic,but wasn’t it theRoyal Navy that ruled the waves, not Liz Windsor?

Sigh … Ok, I’ll bite by asking Finknottle some rhetorical questions inreply:

Whilst serving (??) did you never stop to wonder what that first big letter (clue = ‘H’) of your own/your shipmate’s cap ribbons might have stood for?

Why display your already well-aired republican tendencies and pee on Her Majesty’s Jubilee by referring to her so disrespectfully here at a CA thread?

You? Appeared pedantic? (Characterizedby a narrow, often ostentatious concern for book learning and formal rules.)

Sadly Finks, ostentatious perhaps but no learning evident in that post,For your further edification on waves/rules etc please see ‘Brittannia’- at Britannia -Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Back on to ‘Fleet Reviews’: There were also two others during 1969 – Onefor the RN’s RxR of our Queens Colour at Torbay and a NATO Review at Spithead.

So sad that there is little of the RN left to review today but at least the Thames boat ride gives many more people the opportunity to see the Queen and it appears to be a much more colourful spectacle, too, than scanning a line or three of grey hulls.
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Yes our fleet is smaller than it use to be. However we'll still do what is expected of us. Serve Queen and Country

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Finknottle may like to consider that HM is CinC of HM Armed Forces. Who puts the Royal in Royal Navy, Royal Marines and Royal Fleet Auxiliary?

The republican movement admitted ten years ago that they were not only barking up the wrong tree but in the wrong forest. Time Finks did likewise.

And before he starts on the number of applications for Diamond Jubilee street parties in Scotland being indicative of a lack of enthusiasm for HM or the institution, no-one needs permission to have a party at home or in their garden. Blinkered shite spouting small picture gazing separatist republican chimps haven't done an analysis......because they are dishonest and/or can't.
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I sometimes wonder if Finks did actually serve, or if he just gets his jollys pretending.

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Some of you may choose to look at your service in HM Forces through medieval anachronistic glasses but I served my country not a single person who when it comes down to it has done SFA for me or mine.

BOOTWU be kind enough to explain to me why calling her Liz Windsor is disrespectful?

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