Diamond Jubilee Medal Campaign

Discussion in 'The Gash Barge' started by Lamp Tramp, Jun 19, 2011.

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  1. Have look at this website and if you agree sign the petition and forward the address to all your contacts, military and civilian.
  2. Look shipmate..if you want lots of badges and medals to inflate your self importance join the feckin sea scouts or cubs...they have arm fulls!!!
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  3. Why would we want more tat bollocks meaningless gongs? The last one was bad enough.

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  4. They do sell well on eBay for good beer tokens.
  5. I very rarely agree with anything Spidiver posts but he's bob on with this one. No difference between you and any other serviceman regular or reservist but didn't meet the criteria for any given gong.
  6. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Another "Mutley medal" for doing nothing other than the job for which you are or were employed.

    The silver jubilee gong was contentious as only the chosen few got one, the golden jubilee medal was contentious because it wasn't selective enough in the eyes of many. Now there's the remote prospect of adding a bit more bling for those who appear to have done more in two years national service than I ever managed in 30 years service.

    Should there be a Diamond Jubilee medal ? - Yep, just for those who can legitimately claim to have been employed in the public sector continuously throughout the reign.

  7. I disagree. I'm dissapointed that I didn't get to go to Bosnia, but I was serving at the time, therefore can I start a petition so I can buy one?

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  8. No MLP. you can't - but I will give you a back rub and do your dhobi for being you.
  9. Lamp Tramp,

    Date Check. Today = 19 June 2011.

    Petition Form 'Required By' Date = Thursday 1st September 2010

    I shouldn't need to add much more but, purely for the record, I will:

    Observations on the Website.

    1. The downloadable Petition Form state:

    << Please return completed petitions by Thursday 1st September 2010 (sic) to John Tivnam, 46 Peacock Avenue, Torpoint, Cornwall PL11 2EZ.>>**

    2. The background colour is a distinctive shade of green and this photograph (Official or Paparazzi?) appears directly beneath the heading:


    That photograph depicts a squad of Royal Marines marching rapidly (as they do) but away from the camera: Is this a subliminal message?

    Were/are the Royal Marines happy out being represented thus in such a petition?

    4. For that Postcode** Google returned:

    PL11 2EZ

    Companies House Number: 05978596 Incorporation Date: 25 Oct 2006

    People connected with the Company ANDREW BROWNHILL
    Particulars Changed as director on 13 Nov 2009

    JOHN TIVNAN Particulars Changed as director on 13 Nov 2009

    STEPHEN BATTERS Particulars Changed as director on 13 Nov 2009

    Whatever 'activities' this Company engages in may be worthy of research by others with more free time.

    Lamp Tramp, as the published sell by date has apparently long since passed it would be tiresome to comment further but as you are pushing this Petition perhaps you would be good enough to cut along to John Tivnam, give him my compliments and draw his careful attention to this reply and the other comments on this thread.

    That is all (for now).

  10. Does that mean I won't get one?
  11. Chico will give you one.
    I'm sure.:laughing2:
  12. Tossers send me a letter every year to confirm my details as I'm still on reserve time, does that mean I'll get some tat by post ?

    edited to add Rummers posted as I was typing. Is that the real Chico or one of his pseudonyms.
  13. I'm getting one.

    Woopee fucking doo.
  14. Time to modify the Pathfinder and weld to the bonnet.
  15. Good plan. I fancy getting it court mounted just below the Nissan badge.

    I fucking love my giant manly truck.
  16. Still no Pathfinder for me and no gongette either - that's 2 more reasons for me to hate you.
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  17. _______________________________________________________________________


    From where I'm sitting there is only one person truly worthy of a Diamond Jubilee Medal.

    God bless her cotton socks.

  18. Being rigged like a three badge donkey as I am, I find penile extensions and phallic symbolisms would only distract attention from the huge bulge in my crotch.
    In any case If I wanna big truck I have lots of "friends" who will lend me one.
    I do however envy you that "precious" you will get from the Queen.
    I have had to buy all my bling and don't think it fair that fuckin Honky's should be rewarded for making noise in Hyde park and the embankment every time there's a royal wedding or funeral. Show some fuckin respect and shut the fuck up. I got covered in pigeon shit last time you cunts scared all them poor birds.

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