Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by stan_the_man, Apr 21, 2012.

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  1. Joined the Cherry B in 73 at Rosyth and sailed to Iceland for a 6 week patrol during the Cod War.
    Surprise surprise I was DHP and By fcuk was I a quick learner, the quicker you cleaned up after scran the quicker you could climb into your scratcher for a siesta.
    The Killick Reg was a twat he always was first in the que for afternoon watchmans scran even though he didn't keep watches. It was rough as fcuk everyday and most of the time it was difficult to stay sat down never mind eat scran, the smell in the scullery was bogging and I spent a lot of time with my head in the big steel sink.
    On one particularly rough day I had set up the dinning hall for lunch, put out the cuttlery and condiments and on the ledge in front of the counter I placed a fanny of gravy, custard and soup, I open the dinning hall for scan and as usual in marched the LREG in half blues. Just the the ship took a large roll to Stbd and because sproggy Stan had not put out the non skid mats the urns slid quickly and gracefully along the counter hit the ledge and first the custard then the gravy closely followed by the soup went all over the LREGs white front and his face.
    Oh how we laughed as I ran away till he managed to catch me and give me a good kicking in the flat outside the dinning hall.
  2. Speaking of Leanders, I was 1H Messman on Scylla for a whole week before I was sacked and demoted to Chippy's Party. Possibly starting a scranbag, only open during certain hours (as it was in my mess) led to my demise. Oh, how I laughed.
  3. I did a weeks sea training at Ganges on HMS DITTISHAM we had an overnight in Dover cos it was Harry Roughers I was duty Wardroom/ SR Messman only 6 onboard in total, after evening scran I took the dishes up top to dhoby them in a bucket on the open bridge washed the plates and dished the dirty ogin out of the bucket overboard, unfortunately every knife fork and spoon in the messes went over with the ogin as well.
    How they laughed when they had to use plastic cuttlery for the next few days. Stan got another good kicking from the Coxn
  4. Funny as fuck this.
  5. Guzzler me mucker is that you taking the piss??? Campbeltown 96 - 99 was the unhappiest ship I ever had the pleasure to searide, couldn't wait to get into the helo and off the fcuker, miserable bunch of Westo sea dodging fcukers I ever had the missfortune try and motivate, CHOPS M was a complete cock closely followed by the rest of the SR Mess were you one of them???
  6. Yes.

    It was wasn't it? Hated the fucking thing.

    Can't remember the CHOPS(M) to be honest, which suggests you are correct. To forget someone after 15 or so years would indicate complete cockness.

    Yes. I was.

    That'll teach me to serve on a ship that didn't begin with an 'A' for the first time in my (happily) fairly distant career.

    Edit: Recall. The one on there when I joined was OK, but a bit military obsessed and had no sense of humour. Got erect about medals.
    The one when I left was a bit military obsessed and had no sense of humour, but I don't know about his stance on medals. Right miserable cunt though. The POM who joined during my tenure was a top chap mind you. Cried when Di got splatted so a bit of a girl, but last time I met him was a two ringer and well deserved I think.
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  7. I was a killick QR2 on Cleopatra. A skin new OD joined us in Bermuda Ord Sea Mark Anthony Drafty must have pissedthemselves
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  8. Guzzler that was Buck T and I'm proud that I was the one who advised him to go SD met him again ten years later sadly he was about to be medically discharged with a dodgy ticker. Not surprised you can't remember the CHOPS M he was hardly ever onboard how the fcuk he made WO I'll never know.
  9. It was indeed Buck, nice bloke and very sorry to hear about his poor health - thanks for telling me.

    We are also talking about the same CHOPS M and I agree

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