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Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by rod-gearing, Jul 25, 2008.

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  1. Seems I now have a new found way in life as a dhoby wallah.
    Spent the last few days doing all the washing and ironing(as usual) so if any RR members out there have any they want doing sent it along in cyber space and I'll return it asap.


    PS No sleeping bags full of dead babies please,they block the filter.
  2. Oooooh great! :) Can you collect and deliver washed and ironed afterwards? :razz:

    PS: Do submariners dhobey differently to skimmer types?
  3. Dhobying enclosed. Please put creases in the underpants (no starch!).
  4. Ive got some jeans Id like a totally inexplicable crease down the front of, some ovies you can shrink 4 sizes, and some undercrackers that Id like back in a few months having been worn by some other c**t.

    Submarniners dhobey?(Isnt that an oxymoron...or a tin of Lynx) They borrow some sunshine from the reactor and do it in a bucket on the flight deck.....then hang it from the fin to dry....
  5. Oh yeah! Sorry about the stains in the shreddies; slight accident after a few beers and a curry! And can you bleach the blue jean collar so that I look like a real old seadog?
  6. A few of the young ladies on the site want to know why you are not returning their dirty nicks :w00t:
  7. I am rod's No 1 and the knickers were returned minus diamond piece :thumright:
  8. Would there be any tuth in the roumer that they are now being sold on Ebay as handkerchiefs and tot strainers? :w00t:
  9. That explains why my rum tastes of piss"!! And I've had to give up blowing my nose 'cos I keep being sick!!
  10. That smells a little bit fishy to me.(re Wardmaster Above)
  11. Sent off 5 off-white dress shirts this morning. They have just arrived return of post with a toasted discolouration! Who's keks were they washed with? o_O
  12. Dunno Ste, but my wankstained rampstrike dunghampers just came back pristine, if a shade of pale pink, wouldn't have recognised em but for my dhobey number, the chogey said they'd been in with some flight deck jerseys but now we know the truth.....

    Anyone know what time tap-tap opens, I need some sandals.....
  13. Your pants seem to be already starched! :thumright:
  14. Who owns the black thong with a padlock on it?
  15. Erm...that's not starch. :oops:
  16. Dhobey bucket hire = gulpers, steam drain in boiler room No.2 free - 1st dog. sippers - first, middle = negotiate.
    Windies rum only accepted.
  17. Are they the black leather ones with a Yale lock on?
  18. I am getting very pissed off with the standard of service from your dhobying firm. I've sent off all my knicks and all my white fronts and I've had nothing back yet. Also a friend of mine sent off a leather thong with a padlock and that's gone missing. I've had to turn my knicks inside out and back to front and my only remaining white front is beginning to attract attention, not to mention my friend who really needs his thong back for a special date this weekend; what is he going to say to the Bootneck who has invited him round for "a little bit of fun, bring along the thong and whip"? Number One Boy has promised me special attention as soon as there is some "flucking steam"! I shall transfer my business unless I receive some "special attention".
  19. Wardmaster, sew-sew is selling shorts made out of squares of big pants and white fronts, dyed blue. Id get down there and slap the little sew and sew...
  20. How refreshing to note that it is only blokes adding to this thread? Us ladies wouldn't dream of airing our dirty linen in public!

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