Devonport's laid up submarines


For the record I'm trying to identify each of the 13 laid up submarines in Devonport.

The photo attached shows 12 boats, so was probably taken before TORBAY decommissioned unless she's in a covered drydock.

The lone submarine by the harbour wall is HMS COURAGEOUS, while her sister CONQUEROR is just above and hemmed in by three Swiftsure/Trafalgar class boats. A further four of these are opposite and the fifth submarine moored by the quay wall is either VALIANT or WARSPITE, both with their sails removed. The other one of these forms a pair moored by the quay, the other boat probably being TIRELESS.

Presumably TORBAY is now berthed outside of this latter pair.

If anyone can help pinpoint which boat is which in the picture, I shall be very grateful.


Question....what do they do with the old reactors, rods on these boats being decommissioned/ disposed of? Just curious.


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I believe (standing by to be corrected) that half the problem is that 'THEY' have not yet decided what to do with the UK reactor disposal.

The Elmers take them out and have a huge landfill, where they are all lined up - old US boat sailors can identify their reactor from where it is in the ditch!

Plenty of pictures on t'interweb.


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Once defuelled the spent fuel rods are taken by train to Sellafield for re-processing. Hasn't happened for a while as far as I'm aware.

What to do with the contaminated primary loop, pressure vessel and associated pipework etc is the problem.

As S-B says, the septics bury the whole section of the boat, the Russians just seem to let theirs rust away, God knows what the Chinese,Indians and French do with theirs.


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I can't see why you'd want to identify each individual boat, unless you'd left your bats onboard when it de-commissioned.


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There are pictures of both Devonport and Rosyth basins with all the boats named.

Trouble is, I've seen them and can't be arrsed trying to find them again!


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I can't see why you'd want to identify each individual boat, unless you'd left your bats onboard when it de-commissioned.
I left my beret down the Conqs. Could one of you Guzz ratings pop down an see if it's still there.Try the Scratcher's cubby hole first and then fan out if necessary. TVM in advance:)


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There are pictures of both Devonport and Rosyth basins with all the boats named.

Trouble is, I've seen them and can't be arrsed trying to find them again!
RESOLUTION moved recently - Rosyth non tidal basin to Rosyth dry dock but remaining afloat for now. In the open, unclassified, hardly a fcuk given, much to the annoyance of those crusties who had chartered the outrage bus.
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