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Devonport Twinned with Kiel Naval Base?


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Crossed the Torpoint Ferry today. Not one pussers grey in site on the sea wall. However there were three German warships alongside....The defence review is certainly making itself visible, by the absence of anything light grey, floating and flying the White Ensign.


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Mostly due to all our ships being at sea, on operations or training up for operations. Tempo of life in the RN at the moment.


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Didnt look hard enough round the corner. Also the french is in too

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Given we have roughly 20% of the German surface fleet in Devonport right now, I suspect ze germans are saying something similar about Kiel.

Everyones navy is getting smaller, everyone who matters navy is working harder.


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Given we have roughly 20% of the German surface fleet in Devonport right now, I suspect ze germans are saying something similar about Kiel.

Everyones navy is getting smaller, everyone who matters navy is working harder.

Hey, I don't want to seem alarmist but you don't think we have been invaded over the weekend without anyone knowing about it do you?

And it would be a good way for Angie to get Dave to do more to help out the DeutschEuro (or even join it!!!)
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