Devonport To Be Sold

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by ukdaytona, Jun 29, 2007.

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  1. I see you are as quick as the triumph of the same name ;)
  2. if babcock buy out devonport are they planning on closing rosyth?
  3. Years of tradition plus the body and soul of the employees , where will it end before the nation has been completely disposed of . What next the royal family , HMS Victory , the population farcanal ,

  4. I was at Rosyth when it was a Naval dockyard and then babcock Thorn bought it and it was no longer a Naval dockyard.

    Can anyone see anything aimilar about to occur here LOL

    Ring a Ding Ding
  5. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    I see the see the Minister for Scotland has rubber stamped his first decision in office.
  6. No, Babcock is diversifying its estate. Makes sense. They'll retain Rosyth and expand their services support business.

    Now to ShipCo....
  7. Rosyth stopped being a dockyard (despite the name) when it stopped being a base. When you lose the day-to-day naval presence, that's when it's difficult to tell. Nowt to do with who owns it - Halliburton owned Guzz until v.recently, yet you'd always think it was a dockyard.
  8. people are getting mixed up here between the "dockyards" and the naval bases...

    Dockyards - owned by private contractors but MOD retain a special share for UK defence interests.

    Naval Bases - owned by the Govt/RN.

    With pompey the "dockyard" side i.e. FMRO is run by FSL but assets owned by MOD still.
  9. too complex! They own the site and will run it for, and how they want. If you have ever taken a ship out of this place you will know how SH!T the work was. 1982 showed whatthey were capable of but they could not or would not do it all the time.

  10. I hear the lazy fecking "DML" Dockies are all panicking about their jobs!
    GOOD! effing sack the lot of 'em and start again with people who actually want to work for a living.
  11. Do you mean Devonport or Devonport Dockyard? I think a few people in Devonport may object if they find somebody has sold their homes from under them - especially them who has finished paying their mortgages!
  12. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Not really a commercial viable prospect... have you seen the state of some of the houses near the Dockyard?! 8O
  13. Have you seen the Dockyard - not a lot of difference really, ah so that's why the wall is coming down, mix all the cr** together!
  14. Drive past ( without a tear in my eye every morning) redevelopers have arrived with a nuclear device to improve the place

  15. yep! parked in that ex Dreadnought drydock - waste of a good dock that was! (good little number doing the job but what a waste)
  16. FSL don't "own" the site at all...majority of plant and buildings remain MOD property. Like I said, Pompey is different to Plymouth / Rosyth
  17. Kind of difficult when you're limited to employing people that live down there, but I do agree with the sentiment.

    There's always that snag when you outsource certain things, you end up having to employ the same people who did the job before the outsourcing. Placing them in the private sector does make it easier to get rid of them when they don't perform, but replacing them can become an issue.

    I'm not sure what the employment situation is in Guzz at the moment.

  18. I have to disabuse certain muppets on this site about how unprofesional DML are. At the moment Im working hand in hand with DML WSEG on my ship's refit (Cumberland). Ive been impressed with the professionalism, intelligence, and expirience. My equipment is being set to work more thoroughly than anything FSL or any SFM could achieve. Yes aspects of the contract have been less than ideal, i.e. OCS contractors. But DML are doing an outstanding job on what is in the RSPEC. They can only do what the MOD pays them to do. Many of you are obviously confused when it was a Royal Dockyard and employing 13000 civil servants, and we all know what performance levels civil servants aspire to. These are private contractors who when the standards are less than the MOD require dont get paid.
    I find it a bit rich when matelots moan about dockies. Matelots are probably world leaders in avoiding a good days hard work. So standing on a pulpit declaring current dockyard work is shit just proves how truly ignorant you are. Want it to be better, probably try looking after your part of ship between RPs then.
  19. That'll be you having not read the posts you quoted then.....

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