Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by 5dits, May 12, 2008.

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  1. guzz news

    Todays article, on a incident 5 years ago.
  2. Your point being!
  3. My point being, an interesting newspaper article on the RN, on an incident which happened 5 years ago.
  4. My bold, his pun. :nemo:
  5. This is wierd - I was driving an underwater iceberg five years ago that hit something and lurched upwards and to port.

    My boss wasn't bothered, but my no claims bonus was fukced.
  6. when did the kurks go down again?

    i smell a conspicracy.....
  7. Five years ago, while sailing in Northern Climes, I gave my name and address to an Iceberg when I witnessed it being struck by a moving submarine whilst the Ice berg was sitting safely stationary in then sea.

    The Submarine made off failing to give his name and address or insurance details. I fink he should be nicked for failing to stop after an accident.

  8. Did you send a NIP Nutty ?
  9. No not me, that was the job of the local Traffic Walrus. I know the Iceberg put a contract out to a "Family" of Polar Bears who were later photographed giving a USN SSN a bit of a slapping for ice damage.

    My spy on the Clyde tells me boats have been returning with Killer Whale teeth marks on casing, acoustic tiles torn off so it appears the MOD are not getting it all their own way.

    Its yer boy racer Nukey Poos causing the trouble Born Again Bunhouse Sunday Racers, we never had this problem when we slipped in and out at 2 knots on a P & O or even a stretched 'T'.

    Nutty Nutty
  10. B N M

    PMSL Brilliant, no that was a DD
  11. Seems like the same story that SSN103 came back with in the late sixties early seventies!!! the iceberg she hit was painted on the underside with copious amounts of re(RED) lead.

    Earlier in the sixties I recall that we used to polish our fibreglass casing with Cherryblossom boot polish, even though we lost it twice to Kronstadt propellors - din't stop the Jimmy insisting we polish the third newly fitted casing. Still isn't this what submarining is all about???
  12. To be serious this incident could have caused a major diplomatic incident between the UK and the Polar Bears and Walrusss. The UN should have been involved and should have severely slapped the UKs wrists for attacking the home of the Polar Bears and Walrusss without just cause.
    How many s's in Walrusss?
  13. Indeed, I believe that Phil chase-that-ambulance Shiner and Shami I-am-always-outraged Chakrabati are writing to the Polar Bears as we speak.
  14. I once had a "chance contact with a free floating object" whilst in the Fleece.
  15. The Tireless incident happened almost prezactly 91 years after the loss of the Titanic and both vessels' names started with 'T'. And isn't it suspicious that nothing has been seen of the original iceberg in all this time? Who knows where it might crop up next?

    Could all this be part of some secret 'Cold War' we don't usually hear about because of a media freeze?
  16. Aah me Hearty; t'iz just the tip!
  17. Could the iceberg be a Ruskie in disguise?

    They are very sneaky fellows,Ive known them to disguise themselves as harmless fishing vessels in the past.
  18. Billy NM have you got some kind of protection on that photograph?I wanted to use it on another site but when I tried to copy it firefox froze.
  19. No protection of any kind mate. Pasted it together on PaintShop Pro X
    and uploaded it to my Image Account. You should be able to simply
    *Right Click* on it (as it is on this thread), Select *Save Picture As* - give
    it a name and park a copy on your DeskTop. If not....then try Internet
    Explorer (if you still got that on yer 'puter)


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