Devonport/Faslane - item on tonight's Ch. 4 News at 1900

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by soleil, Apr 27, 2009.

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  1. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Subs will move to troubled base

    Julian Rush uncovers documents revealing Plymouth is to lose its nuclear submarines to Faslane in Scotland, where there have been a series of safety breaches.

    Channel 4 News has seen Ministry of Defence documents which appear to confirm for the first time that the Plymouth base is losing the submarines in a significant strategic move by the government.

    The details were released under the freedom of information act.

    The documents also reveal a series of serious safety breaches at the Faslane nuclear submarine base, where leaks of radioactive waste have been released into the River Clyde.

    The Scottish Environmental Protection Agency has said that if Faslane was a civilian facility it would have considered closing it.

    More on this story from Channel 4 News:

    Radioactive leaks from naval base

    MoD documents on Devonport's future (.pdf)

    Read the MoD internal review of Faslane (.pdf)

    Read regulator warning letter dated 19 Nov 2007 (.pdf)

    Read regulator warning letter dated 23 May 2008 (.pdf)
  2. Some how I find it all a bit difficult to believe, the RN has always wanted to move as much of it's opearion out of Scotland for decades, the cultural memory of the troop trains from London to Scapa is still engrained in the corporate memory.

    In my book it is a subbtle way to build the case to close Faslane and move it to Devonport. First they scare the Janners etc with stories of closing the place down, then they can go back and get them to agree to have the whole lot faslane and coulport dumped on the to save devonport.
  3. Replicating Coulport in Jannerland really would be expensive!
  4. Or very cheap, depending on the method. Aren't some of the warheads due for decommissioning? Couldn't we use them to level the ground of a potential new site? :p

    In all seriousness though - would they need to move Coulport? Couldn't they just keep it open and leave it as a stopping place on the way to and from a patrol?
  5. All good comments on the matter although, did anyone notice that it was Blue Skies in Faslane!

    Has Summer peaked early? I thought July 22nd or 23rd was the official 'Sunshine Day' ? :lol:
  6. Or vaporise the contaminants at the old one?

    Leaving the Armament Depot would negate any grand gesture of closing Faslane and relocating South of the border. The bang bits are probably far more emotive than the onboard atomic kettles. If a boat alongside needs an emergency offload, Coulport being next door is rather handy.
  7. Always used to be a bit of a b*gger to spend all day working in the boat, then to go inboard and be told you had missed summer.
  8. It's always been the plan to move all submarine operations to Faslane. The A boats will be based there and the T boats will decomission eventually. The timescale for that to happen has always been the subject of galley buzzes. Every time a boat goes into refit or RAMP the buzz says the boat will be base port changed on completion. They said it about Torbay after her displaced RAMP in Faslane and Talent after her refit, neither happened.

    In short, the news of submarines being moved from Devonport to Faslane is not a secret. And if it is in the next 6 years, well then thank fcuk I've only got 4 left.
  9. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    PXP: Although I don't doubt that the proposed move of the SM Fleet to Faslane was a secret, I think the media attention is as a result of the potential risk to health as a result of the poor working practices relating to the maintenance of the nuclear facility and the disposal of any radioactive waste... :oops:
  10. Also if you factor in the press in general believes they have Gordon and his cronies on the run every one is scrabbling for and 'exclusive' bit of the action.

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