Devon & Cornwall Police - Custody Satisfaction Survey


Can't say I'm too surprised. Here in Warwickshire, a few weeks ago, the police HQ at Leek Wooton was thrown open for the day to give a party for gypos, tinkers, and travellers. Big eats and beer were laid on with amusements arranged for the sprogs. All at ratepayer/taxpayer expense.

The police spokesman said this was to "get to know the travelling community better" !

At about the same time, police said they were going to hand out sweets to drunken revellers in Coventry city centre at night in order to "calm them down" !

Times have changed...
dollygee said:
Could you imagine "Tiny" handing out a satisfaction survey as a leaving present as you were let out of D.Q."s,

Tiny was alright it was that screaming skull of a CPO (GI) who I found to be rather exasperating. :)


War Hero
i got a letter saturday for a speeding ticket saying it not the Intention D&C to prosecute for speeding tickets as long as I pay £69 for a speed awareness course and you dont get any points ,if it went to Magistrates thats 6 points automatically