Devon & Cornwall Police - Custody Satisfaction Survey

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by SJRM_RN, Aug 14, 2009.

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  1. More paperwork, more bureaucracy and more cost to the tax payer.
  2. :whdat: Has a former Prison Officer[ Yes I know I,ve said it all before] I am now going to cry! :whax:
  3. Many moons ago, I had the displeasure of spending a night in Kerr Street nick as a guest of the local constabulary. When I was released the next morning, and told the desk sergeant I wouldn't be giving him any stars in my forthcoming "Nicks I have spent the night in", I wasn't given a customer satisfaction survey to fill in, I got my arse kicked out the door !! People today................
  4. Silly pillocks what do they imagine people are going to write down if they have been locked up all night be it wronly or rightfully.Just another bollockd :lol: :?
  5. FFS :!:
    Detainees are asked 41 questions about food, reading material, cleanliness and temperature of cells.
    will they start giving out star ratings and Michelin awards for the scran?
    you're in there for a reason, it shouldn't be comfortable
    whatever next. room service and a mini bar anyone?
  6. Thats assuming that the morons they lock up in Newquay are capable of filling in any forms. Answers would be in Txt speak and would probably centre around their breakfast Full English, copy of the Beano, and subsequent free lift back to the camp site! :roll:
  7. You could say to yourself that when the next general election is over and the Torys take power all this nonsense will come to an end but sadly we all know that it will not as they are no better than the present incumbents. It is no surprise that the more mature in years members of our society are shaking their heads in disbelief at the unmitigated shambles our country has become.
  8. (granny)

    (granny) Book Reviewer

    It seems that the'Inmates' have taken over the asylum. I can imagine what sort of comments will be made. Mainly of 'how do I sue you for rotten treatment'? Another 'wannabe' trying to make a name for himself, or someone trying to justify their existence. How do I make the Chief Constable notice me? etc
  9. Utter ******* nonsense
  10. Could you imagine "Tiny" handing out a satisfaction survey as a leaving present as you were let out of D.Q."s,
  11. Can't say I'm too surprised. Here in Warwickshire, a few weeks ago, the police HQ at Leek Wooton was thrown open for the day to give a party for gypos, tinkers, and travellers. Big eats and beer were laid on with amusements arranged for the sprogs. All at ratepayer/taxpayer expense.

    The police spokesman said this was to "get to know the travelling community better" !

    At about the same time, police said they were going to hand out sweets to drunken revellers in Coventry city centre at night in order to "calm them down" !

    Times have changed...
  12. Tiny was alright it was that screaming skull of a CPO (GI) who I found to be rather exasperating. :)
  13. i got a letter saturday for a speeding ticket saying it not the Intention D&C to prosecute for speeding tickets as long as I pay £69 for a speed awareness course and you dont get any points ,if it went to Magistrates thats 6 points automatically
  14. This sort of bull shit is the reason I want to leave the police, it just wears you down.

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