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Discussion in 'Motoring' started by TheCommunicator, Sep 7, 2009.

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  1. Passed a mobile speed camera van on the A38 just outside Guzz last week, obviously I wasn't exceeding the speed limit but I've been wondering about a couple of things.

    Does anyone know what the threshold D&C use between sending a fixed penalty and summons to court?

    Also, anyone know if D&C offer the alternate of attending a driver improvement course?
  2. I don't know what the threshold is but I've known people down here to be put on the awareness course instead of receiving points for speeding
  3. There is normally always a mobile speed unit parked on the A38 on the Cornish side just past the Go Kart track on the road to Guzz. There is a fixed speed camera, then as you go down the road at the bottom of the hill theres the unit. Is this the same one?
  4. I honestly admire you if you were not exceeding the speed limit on the A38.
    I drove from Cornwall back to Sussex a while back and on every stretch of dual carriageway and motorway, the vast majority of vehicles (except those with limiters) seemed to be exceeding the set limit.
    That'll be the A38/M27/A303/A27 and whichever other road I drove on. I've honestly never seen so many vehicles consistently exceeding, some by a large margin, a set limit.
  5. I've never exceeded the limit on the A38. My car has one of those "Talking" speed limiters, called the wife. When I have the misfortune to be driving her and the wicked witch of the north (Mother in law) I get it in stereo!
  6. There is one on the North Devon link road near Barnstaple
    Supposedly it is there not only for speeders but also to check car number plates , to trap ccvehicles that have no tax, insurance or MOT.
  7. You twat - tea all over my keyboard. :lol:
  8. Got stopped on the A30 (Bodmin) years ago(1995), was doing just over a ton before a hill, when Mrs JFH (pre wedding) told me to slow down, slowed to about 80 and a rozzer got me at 97. Flashed the ID card and his answer was "Well Done Mate, Get loads of them on here", £60 and 3 points. No one else on the road.
  9. Sad thing is they used to be mostly ex forces
  10. Isnt it 10% leeway of the speed limit, I.e. 33 in a 30, 77 on a motorway, probably wrong though.
  11. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    No. The limit is a limit for a reason. However... some officers use their discretion when deciding to issue a FPN, although they are not obliged to - many will issue the ticket regardless.
  12. Vehicle construction and use regulations require a vehicle speedometer accuracy to be in the range of -0->+10%. The implications are that it must never under-read - for obvious reasons - but may over-read. As the cost of manufacturing a speedometer with -0% error would be very costly they all over-read by a few percent without exception. Even if speed is measured correctly the display may not be accurate, so a speedometer error is allowed. Because of this, the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) have an official formula for calculating a speeding offence. It allows a leeway of 10% plus 2mph. In reality, most speed traps are triggered at higher speeds than this because if they were set bang-on those guidelines, the sheer amount of paperwork generated would overrun the police speeding departments.

    Have a nice day
  13. trust the reggie to get it wrong.
  14. :wink:
  15. Had a lecture at work by the Dorset speed camera partnership.

    There is no tolerance to speed. If the limit is 30 then all vehicles doing in excess will be done.

    The police on the other hand allow 10% +2mph.
  16. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    ...and there boys and girls shows the difference between safety and money making...
  17. Checked my speedo with my Satnav ----it reads approx 10% over !!
    ie 66 on my speedo is 60mph so am usually well below the speed limits

    In Fife there ain't any fixed camera's only the mobile ones and they must be visible from about 150 metres .Only ever seen one police speed trap.
    however they have unmarked cars driving about.

    Usually get done for no seatbelt !!

  18. Exactly, and in a nutshell.
    What the flying fcuk is a 'speed camera partnership' in any case. It sounds suspiciously like gobbledegook on a large scale.
    If these devices were not intended to be profit making they would simply look at your record, see you have been a good boy, and issue a warning; something I think that would work very well. They do this kind of thing after all for far more serious offences.
    But the poor assaulted UK motorist need not worry too much. Here in Barcelona ALL the speed cameras (those that haven't been vandalised, shot at or torn down) are average speed ones, throughout the entire metropolitan area, and even on an eight or ten lane motorway the limit is 80kph!
    As compensation if you have been a good boy you get 3 more points ON your licence at the end of three years (everyone has 12 to start with and they are deducted if you are naughty) so there is an element of carrot and stick to it, something the UK has yet to learn.
  19. we actually have cameras here in Sunny Brooksville now or redneck heaven in Hernando County. They put the cameras on a traffic light so that, even tho you can go right on a red, (and wtf they dont have that yet in Engerlund, (left I know), ) I dont know....BUT you must come to a complete stop or the buggers click. So far in the last yr, they have clocked up over a Mil.....bugger all to do with safety, its just a money making exercise.

    Now that I have been here 12 yrs, all my points in the UK have been wiped out BUT the last ticket I got was at 0730 on a Sat morning on the Okehampton bypass, screaming downhill in the wifes 1.4 escort diesal doing 85 to try and get up the other side...(those that know it will get the picture). Cops hiding on an overpass, pull me over .I ask why. Clear morning, zero traffic, sun behind me perfect driving conditions etc. Plod says, there have been a few accidents with cars etc pulling out from the layby which some twat put in at the bottom of the hill......But theres no cars there I says, so why did you pull me over. They just smiled, 3 points 40 quid. Pure money making exercise as it is here guys
  20. Oh but we do.

    Trialed them in Poole to catch all the bikers on the Tuesday bike night, then introduced them throughout the county. (They also measure speed).

    You really should get home more!!!!!!!! :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

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