"Development Of A Royal Navy Online Weight Loss Programme"

Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by soleil, Feb 9, 2011.

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  1. As published on the official RN Facebook page:

    "Calling Royal Navy personnel based at HMS NELSON, HMS COLLINGWOOD and HMS SULTAN:

    Your help is needed for the development of an online weight loss programme for Royal Navy personnel.

    You can contribute by telling us about your dietary and physical activity habits.

    You can volunteer if you:

    * Have a BMI of 25 or higher, and are concerned about your weight

    * Are between 18-55 years of age

    * Have an hour to participate in an interview

    If you decide to volunteer for a one-hour interview you will be:

    * Asked about your dietary and physical activity habits

    * Asked for some optional information (full name, date of birth, marital status, ethnicity, height, weight, waist circumference, rank, medical grade, how long you have served the Royal Navy, how long you have served onboard ships and how long you have lived in service accommodation)

    * Making an invaluable contribution to the development of an online weight loss programme for Royal Navy personnel.

    Participation in this study is voluntary and you may withdraw at any time.

    To arrange an interview please contact Ms Gulcan Garip at:

    [email protected]"
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  2. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer

    I think this thread would have been better called "Ship shape fat *******". TBH, its been how many years?
  3. POWeR Trial

    This is slightly naughty.

    It is a controlled trial. The study aims to see if an online weight loss support programme actually helps people lose weight. The trial registration has no mention of military personnel and clearance has been sought from local NHS ethics committee. On a separate site, Ms Garip talks about "collaboration" with INM regarding a weight loss programme but the only mention of this is in a Powerpoint presentation to prospective health psychology students.

    The study clearly sets out to look at people with BMI >30 (see above website) but now they've changed that and want to speak to people with BMI >25. The trial was only registered at the beginning of February and the goalposts are moving already! Not a good sign. In addition, threads on RR ad infinitum have trashed BMI, the origins of which are statistics of a European Army in the 1800s.

    Using RN personnel may trash the study. Military personnel are not like civilian personnel and one cannot generalise from such a population. Those who live, and all personnel to an extent, in have less choice about what to eat (even with PAYD), may do more physical activity, may do more night work, may drink more, and are subject to annual fitness testing. There are likely lots more confounding factors.

    A study involving military personnel should be designed around this and possibly should go through our own ethics organisation. I am therefore dubious about the study methodology. Using RN personnel may be seen as an "easy" option as those in uniform may be more likely to continue to take part as time goes on because of personel discipline (a major problem in long-ish term studies like this is drop-out of subjects).

    I would not like to think the RN is being used as a convenience by civilian researchers who clearly aim to develop a tool for the NHS and not specifically for Forces personnel.
  4. But I presume that someone within the INM and Portsmouth area Med CoC would've approved this; perhaps you need to have a discussion up your line as well?

    She may be comparing a military population against the other 3 GP practices, or she may've been asked directly by INM to conduct this study - the link you provided just doesn't give the detail.....
  5. ATG, the point is that the link should have provided the detail. Trial registration and adherence to that is key to all research. An ethics committee has approved the study based on available information - if the investigators have moved the goalposts then the study has no ethical clearance and should be aborted immediately.

    INM is my unit and enquiries have been made. Did you honestly think I would write such a critical post and not act on it?
  6. Well, this is the Internet!

    I presume then we've approved this?
  7. It's with INM but, like all great Naval institutions, Friday afternoons don't seem to happen. The enquiries I have made so far were met with "that doesn't sound right at all" though.
  8. Amateur Gynaecology is ok though right?

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