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Detention as in "stay behind and do 100 lines" or German/Italian POW's?

If former, see above.
If latter, see above.


Detention as in 90 days, reduced to 60 in MDQ in Jerusalem in exact location in Google or Wiki of locations


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Detention as a punishment then? Perhaps if you'd made it clear in your first post you might have got a sensible answer.


Detention in WW2 in Jerusalem. Does anybody know anything about this? Where, etc? Thank you.
I think the British Military Prison in what was then Palestine (from 1939 to 1948) was known as BMP Acre. I remember reading an article a long time ago that a British soldier who later achieved fame & riches (was it Spike Milligan??) had been sentenced to detention in Acre for a seemingly trivial breach of discipline. Beer was involved, if I remember correctly.

Acre being an English word, the name was probably changed after the British withdrawal.

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