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Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by tufty, Jan 23, 2007.

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  1. Every day I go past the old DQs on the edge of Portsmouth Dockyard near Unicorn Gate. Now its the Royal Marines School of Music and the gates are open most of the time on the dockyard side. I believe the cells are used as practice rooms. During my time in the pusser 67 - 80, it was used as DQs and there was much speculation and myth about what life was like in there. Anybody out there ever go in there? What WAS it like? Just wondered...!
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  2. Never actually been "in" there Tufty, but did escort a guy in there once and then out again.On the way "in", he was a typical matelot, rough and ready, on the way"out" he looked as fit as a fiddle and his eyes sparkled!!
    First thing he said ....."could do with a beer"!!! :shock:
  3. One of my leading hands did a spell in there and claimed it got him fit enough to get a place on the Field GunCrew, mind you he didn't volunteer for another spell.
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  4. Did 28 days in Nov 75.
    Run a mile before breakfast, 2 cigs a day or sweets if you were a non smoker. The only thing I found strange was washing your bed sheets by hand every Saturday... Did a rather interesting civil emergncy course in DQ's, how to lower people from high buildings whilst strapped into a strecher etc. Used to be able to put your seat on top of the table, then stand on top of the seat you could then look out of your cell window and see drunken matelots getting back into Nelson barracks after a run ashore.........
  5. All of the "staff" were extended service people. Good guys actually. The one I remember mainly was a RM C/Sgt who when we had to go out od DQ's (for swimming etc) he always told us " if you want to escape, please do so I will not be chasiing after you, I'm to old for that". He also was a taxi driver part time, got in to his taxi one night afterwards on the hard heading for southsea, he did pass on wors of wisdom ie I hope you have a condom with you.. There was even an old Joss who had served in the 2nd WW as part of the staff.
  6. I was part of an escort once for a guy who had been on the run for some months, and had passed his time robbing shops. This was in about 1953. The escort was a PO, a killick and one able rate(me, very young and scared of everybody senior to me!) We went from Rosyth to Pompey, by train and halfway through the night(journey was about 6 or 7 houirs in those days) the PO thought the prisoner was looking suspiciously at the door, so he handcuffed him to the luggage rack for the rest of the trip. When we got into the gates at DQs the first thing that happened was me getting screamed at for wearing my patrol armband wrongly, and the second was me, again, getting screamed at for helping the prisoner with his kitbag, hammock and toolbox. I vowed there and then that I would never , ever get sent to DQs in the future. Luckily I managed to keep the promise, although I got close once. but that's another story.
  7. I did 28 days in 1953. Cell number Collingwood 95.
    I'll never forget the cry; "Up behind your doors. Stand by. Out!"
    Big Tiny was the Royal Marine Seargeant Major.
  8. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Got Second Class in late '90 for putting a firework under a Killick Spec's pillow for reasons I won't go into at the moment... I had done two months' worth of puns and the same Killick was winding me up on the Forecastle so I gave him the finger. Within a week I received another Warrant and was awarded 48 days detention (retained) in DQs.

    Was crapping myself when I was dropped off at the big blue gates, but the surprisingly relaxed welcome I got from the old and bold CPOs and C/SGTs made me realise that it was not as bad as people had warned me. Mind you, I was a little bit pished off after my joining kit muster, resulting in me having to buy a complete new set of kit (apart from ym money belt and shoes) to the tune of £250... just a couple of months before they got rid of KUA and brought in 'one-for-one'!!

    Obviously I wouldn't want to do it again but I can look back on my time in 'Deeks' - released after 32 days with all remission outstanding! - with a smile, as the wise and experienced staff there taught me many lessons which I have carried into my personal life.
  9. I was held Incommunicado in Recess for 4 days while being investigated for Misuse of Drugs.Spent most of the day asleep,only to be woken up by the Lads in DQ's proper doing physical jerks etc, and the twice Daily interview with Mr Nice Crusher and Mr Nasty Bastard Crusher and the Evening inspection by the Duty Officer.Same set of No8's, was a bit crusty after 4 days in the same rig.After my 4 days holiday i returned to Haslar to find me up before the Jimmy on a "misuse of Govt Property" charge for having brake fluid in a 200ml pussers medicine bottle!7 days 9's i got for that,although if they had checked,they would have seen it was Pussers Brake fluid as well!LOL

    Just popped into me head a dit i heard once.I was in a pub in Spalding and got chatting to a chef who in the course of the convo told me about a riot in Deeks.This was prior to 1984,i cant remember the year.He and a few other matelots were drafted in sharpish,issued SLR's to back up the Staff.Is this a true dit or not?
  10. Thanks for all the replies! OK – so you had a joining kit muster, you did civil emergency exercises, you had to stand behind the door and all come out together, you went out for swimming and it sounds as if you got fit. What did you have to do all day though? Sit in your cell, go to lectures, meaningless tasks, parade training? What happened if you didn't want to co-operate?
  11. Tufty.

    Of course as I am the original airy assed stoker you won`t be surprised to learn I did 40 days back in 67.

    I`ll do you a proper write up as you sound genuinely interested, but not today mate, to much on.

    In the meantime might I point you towards a book called “the Red Sailor” which gives a very accurate account of life in Pompey DQs. I can`t remember who wrote it but it`s still available at the library.


  12. Ah, The Red Sailor. I read it when I was on the Victorious in 63-64. The Reg staff tried to get it banned onboard. So when we pulled into HK loads of the ships company went shopping in the Red House and bought copies of "The Thoughts of Chairman Mao", then walked around with the book poking out of No8s shirt/trouser pockets. This really did send them ballistic. As I was the ships postman the joss wanted me to "inform" him of who had copies in my mess. No answer was the stern reply! I got a job change fairly rapidly!!

    Semper Strenuissima.
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  13. Went to DQ's Dec 93 - Jan 94. Yeah, New Year in the Dock Yard Penn!! The Cells were known as rooms.I pushed a killick steward across a breakfast table while alongside in Hiafa (shitehole). I got flown from Malta on boxing god, i got hand cuffed at Gatwick, the copper couldnt beleive the charge went so far. Typical pusser, making a mountain out of a mole hill.(the killick flunkie was a T**T). Any way, the big blue gates, BENBOW 36 was my ROOM number. All the old boys were called Promised Men i believe. The one that sticks in my head was some old boy we called Uncle Albert, white beard etc... We would ask to show us how to iron a item of kit or the best way to polish your boots, he would then crack them out for you..cheers easy!!!! Every morning after wipeing the deck of your room with your beret to rid the dust, close the door a jar so dust wont get in, then walking down the stairs like robots so crease's dont get in your noz 1's trousers. I worked up the Commodore's office's and the staff bar steeling the butt ends out of ash trays!! We had a contact in reccess who got 20 fags passed through the gap in the dohbi room. We hid them up chair legs....Well, the 24 out of 28 was a life time, i can go on and on. I looked forward to Fridays as we could choose a video to watch, it would be on WW2 or Falklands, good stuff really. The RM's use to get 27 days so they had to remishion(spell). They use to hate us matelots going out after 24 days. I nearly lost mine, i got FAP's (fortitude of all privlidges). I had a white scuff mark on my parade boot on divisions. I also got caught with half a tab in my cap lining.NAUGHTY! NAUGHTY! Well the time has passed by, the mile & half every morning(chipping the ice of the ground) the swimming(hated it) the 30 mins of TV along with the two tabs a day (plus me stash of course). NEVER AGAIN SHIPMATE...LONG LIVE THE ANDREW!!!
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  14. Well chew my carroty cock, that was my "Room" in 75. :twisted:
  15. Well chew my carroty cock, that was my "Room" in 75. :twisted:
  16. In the fifties there was no swimming, videos TV or lectures. There was no communicating with each other at all. Every day except Sunday was spent either doing rifle drill at the double or the assault course. Only on Sunday did you spend the day in your cell, that was after Church,which was followed by one of the screws reading the headlines out of the paper.Only on Sunday were you allowed to lie on your bunk ( which was wood covered with your hommock matress which as the older hands will know was extremely thin ) and read, however all you had to read was The Bible and Bade-Powel's "Rovering to Success" All other times that you were in your cell you either did your task or polished your tin ware, including you toilet pan. For polishing you had to grind up brickdust and mix it with soap and water. As for the toilet pan, you weren't allowed to use the toilet, you had to use the pan in your cell and then polish it afterwards
  17. Thanks for all that chaps - just idle curiosity on my part! Like lots of others, I knew a few who had the misfortune to go there and you never see them when they come back - I never did anyway. Theres always the mess expert of course who knows all about it even though he hasn't been there himself! I can tell you that the gates aren't blue now, they're black wrought iron with musical symbols built in to them and almost always open during the day!
  18. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    I was Benbow 33; my 'room' is now the RMSoM Oboe Instructor's Office!

  19. Long ago and far away
    While working for the Queen
    I thought I`d have a spot of leave
    So left my submarine.

    The crushers came to get me
    In the middle of the night
    An as they caught me on the job
    I didn`t have much fight.

    They marched me off to Pompey
    And put me in a cell
    I asked them what was going on
    but they wouldn’t tell

    I’d just barely settled in
    when I got the news
    that I`been charged and weighed off,
    with 60 days D Q`s

    Next morning bright and early
    My kitbag on my back
    I marched in through the gates of hell
    There was no turning back.

    First I met a nice GI
    who showed me to my cell
    I asked him where the toilets where
    He said “just ring the bell”

    All day long we rushed about
    or sorted out our kit
    The grub was bloody awful
    But I was getting fit

    Up at 6 each morning
    Our routine seemed to be
    PT first, then marching,
    some marching, then PT

    Then after that we had a task
    There was no time to mope
    We had to unpick lengths of hemp
    And make it into rope,

    With bacon on a Wednesday
    That was our only meat.
    And now and then tomatoes
    Was a special treat.

    Before you knew my time was up
    And so they sent me home
    But no kit fitted any more
    I was all skin and bone

    “Where you been” said her indoors
    giving me a kiss.
    “you`re looking bloody awful,
    “Have you been on the piss”

    Apologies to R Burns …..

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  20. Cheers UncleAlbert - I think I get the picture ! Shit hot - as they say !


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