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From today's Portsmouth News:

DIVERS and dredgers across the Solent are being asked to take part in a study to report the crash sites of military aeroplanes.
The study is being undertaken by Wessex Archaeology, which is asking for individuals and organisations with records or specialist knowledge of aircraft crash sites or losses at sea to come forward.

Thousands of planes crashed into the sea around Britain, many during the Second World War.

At the time the planes and many crew were presumed lost. But today more and more are being found by divers and as a result of dredging for sand and gravel.

Just recently the remains of a Dakota was found off the Isle of Wight in Sandown Bay by a team from The Dive Connection, in Airspeed Road, Portsmouth.

The deadline is Friday November 30, 2007. Responses can be made either to:

[email protected]

Or to the project 'blog' at:

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