Destiny Raids Info plz read + Friend Request GamerTag List

Who's looking forward to Destiny!? Please read below as you may need some help with Raids.

I've put some data together incase you guys didn't know about this :)

There has been details released about Destiny Raids which have a normal and hard difficulty.
The Single and Co-op raids on hard will require teamwork Bungie has said because of its difficulty and will payout in very rare equipment sets, which presents a problem for some,,,,,

Because of the raids complexity they DO NOT have a matchmaking facility so you can only play multiplayer raids with people on your friends list.
Raid progress will last a week and be reset every Tuesday.
If you do not have friends or friends that have the game Destiny on your friends list your chances of getting the rare loot sets are next to no chance at best.

If you are on an X1 or PS4 and Require friends to help you with raids, please post your gamer tags and platform below to arrange gaming groups and hopefully friends to play this game with and swerve the matchmaking facility that bungie has left out of this feature.

There are also lots of forums popping up everywhere for such thing if you don't find what your looking for on here.

Please refrain from any console war bs on here please guys.
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If anyone need Raid help on Destiny XB1 my gamer tag is blueschill , add me and enter into your message Navy-Net and your name so I know where you have come from :)

Cheers! :)
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