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Despised Crabs?


Lantern Swinger
This is totally random, I know, but why are crabs so universally despised? I'm well aware that I am probably showing total naivety in asking this, but I have just noticed it everywhere, and got curious! :oops: :)


If you haven't had the pleasure of working with the RAF yet just put a chav scum shit-filled baggage handler from EasyJet into a blue nylon uniform and hang around him for a while. You'll see
I believe the RAF's main problem is that relatively few of their personnel are 'front-line warriors' apart from the mostly officer-manned aircrew and the RAF Regt. Even their aircrew have a culture of getting home each day for 'tea and medals' (when not roughing it in a 5* hotel). This contrasts starkly with the RN's all-of-one-company culture and the Army's regimental system which sees everyone moving to war en masse.
Oooooh where to start?

Crabs seem to have a very high opinion of themselves, that is curious, indeed baffling for the Army/Navy to understand seeing as most crabs are basically civvys fcuking about in uniforms. I think their attitude stems from a secret acceptance of the fact that they are surplus to requirement in so many areas.

The RAF is the bastard child of the Army's Royal flying corps and the Naval air service, they have sulked about this fact since their birth. They employ some pretty good spin doctors within their ranks though, with the sole aim of pinching money from the Army or Navy budget, they have even been known to alter continental positions on the globe to further their own ends.

They dont play at weekends or if it's cloudy or a little bit wet, in fact they take their toys away altogether. on a positive note though, it's good to have someone to take the p1ss out off.
I'm soooooo glad nobody has spotted my photo in the coppermine wearing, er, the lighter shade of,er, blue.... What a relief that photo was in monochrome! :twisted: My excuse is of course that the Observer Corps was only connected with the RAF because when we were mobilised in 1939 the only uniforms left were RAF battledress. If ONLY there had been a surplus of square rig! :biggrin: We'd all have been sailors! :p Then I could have greeted my oppos with the time honoured, naval greeting....

Come on Steve, get it right it's

'Hellllooo Thailor' ...

Spoken to a 'T' by Peter Sellers in Casino Royale !! :p

Having said that, I had a good run ashore with the Crabs in Aden, the only not so good times were in Saudi, some of them (the Ex Zobs in particular) were so far up their own backsides .... :pukel:


War Hero
Both the Army and Navy have tradition, earned in combat over many centuries.
The Crabs only have Habits, which are in the main disgusting! :wink:


War Hero
Junior service with a very junior attitude and they seem to think they should be given the biggest budget much like a spoiled rich kid.

I have never really liked them despite one or two I have met who are good eggs as in general, they are a bunch of Admin Clerks who wear a uniform Monday to Friday.
Keep up the abuse fellow RRers, even if it is self abuse. :D

RS they are only jealous of us high flyers.

Shall now retire to safe distance.


War Hero
brigham600 said:
Junior service with a very junior attitude and they seem to think they should be given the biggest budget much like a spoiled rich kid.

I have never really liked them despite one or two I have met who are good eggs as in general, they are a bunch of Admin Clerks who wear a uniform Monday to Friday.

The constant weekender?? 8O

Sounds good to me,... I knew I could have found a cushy billet had I tried harder.
That's where I went wrong not determined enough :oops: :oops: 8O :D :D
They even invented indulgence flights designed to let your missus get at you even the other side of the world.
B*STARDS :twisted: :twisted:


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Book Reviewer
In fairness, the Rockapes are ok and get on well with the Army. Oddly enough, they don't seem to like the RAF proper either.

The crabs i saw down the Falklands were by and enlarge, a bunch of fucking tools who thought they were the lord god almighty and swanned around MPA as if they were the creators of the universe. Cocks.


Book Reviewer
Being a sundodger, I have had very little contact with the crabs(thank fcuk), but I'll climb aboard this bus heading for crab bashing lane.

Here's an old one from Monty.
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