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Discussion in 'The Fleet Air Arm' started by DaleB, Jan 24, 2009.

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  1. hello all

    I stumbled upon this forum looking for info on the FAA. I visited the AFCO last week for info about joining FAA. I am desperate to join now. Although i haven't filled my application in as yet.
    Thing is i am absolutely s******g it about the 'pyscho' test. I really want to join as AET, but can't decide on a second choice if it all goes tits up.

    Is there a demand/shortage for AET's at the moment.?

    I have been reading all the previous posts about FAA and wondered why people don't love the prospect of going to sea. personally i can't wait to join and go to sea. Thats what is drawing me to a career in the navy, it doesn't get any better in my opinion being able to to goto sea and work on aircraft at the same time. Heaven!
    Any info isgreatly appreciated.


  2. It seems AETs don't go to sea often, for the record.
  3. Tim, thats why we joined the FAA!
  4. As an old NAM that's AET in old money.

    I had a good ratio of sea shore time.

    The shore time is usually spent gaining experience on the type of aircraft you will work on. Then after a suitable period of time your drafted to a naval air squadron to allow the nice people on those grey ships to take you to exotic places.

    All rather civilised I think.
  5. then branch change to winch weight & sit around drinking coffee all day, that right doug? :lol:
  6. Daleb
    I can't understand the logic of your post, If you want to work on airplanes join the air force (the navy havent got any left) if you want to go to sea join the navy, if you had a few months of working on aircraft at sea you'd wish you had'nt.
  7. Damm right. + extra wonga too. Free watch and guci sunglasses. :wink:
  8. I didn't mean that i wanted to be at sea all the time. What i meant is having the opportunity to do both is perfect to me.

    A question about the ET anyway, is the practice test on the Royal Navy website easy compared with the real thing.? Why i'm asking is that i found the sample test quite easy, but im expecting the real test to be alot harder.

  9. If you mean a .pdf of the practice booklet with 8 questions in each section, then its a lot easier, in the main, than the real thing. You also don't feel the pressure of time when practising either.
  10. The Navy has plenty, and if you want to join the RAF then you're a cnut and deserve to be gang raped by Somalian pirates.
  11. :lol: :lol: Your posts never cease to entertain me.
  12. Thanks for the reply Cpt Black and Montigny la Palisse.

    Well thats what i couldn't understand Montigny, why have AET's if the Navy don't have aircraft. What is the point of the aircraft carriers then, are they used as massive sun lounger's.? I'm not going in for the easy life i want to join because like hard work not sun bathing. Another thing is why are there new aircraft carriers being built already and the new joint strike fighter project.
    Or am i talking rubbish????

  13. P.S Montigny I wouldn't dream of joining the RAF. It's the Navy that does it for me.
  14. When I took the test (last september-ish) I found it to be harder than the practice booklet questions.

    Apart from the odd giveaway - which wire in the diagram (of a plug) is the live!
  15. Mate, you're not but there are a lot of people who claim to be "In the know" who do. There will always be a Fleet Air Arm. With reference to the new strike carrier capability, the RAF are digging their own graves by dripping about harmony and sea time right now, quite simply, the RAF could not carry out the role alone as much as they'd like everyone to think so. They don't like us flying Fixed Wing, but they like being away for more than 2 months and operating said Fixed Wing from sea even less.

    You'll be fine fella, don't listen to the detractors and get stuck in.
  16. :wink: :wink: Just do the D.I,s on these little beauts DaleB :wink: :wink:
  17. Thanks again Cpt Black and Thanks Montigny for the info and support.

    Thanks scouse for the link to the pic, remeber building the F4 phantom in the foreground as child into airfix models.

  18. Your not talking rubbish just about things that are pie in the sky at the moment.

    In the forces you tend not to believe anything until it's in front of you. More politics than RN policy.
  19. Scouse wrote "Just do the D.I,s on these little beauts DaleB"
    Don't confuse the lad Scouse, that picture was taken sixties/seventies, a long time ago. Even if we get the carriers there is no certainty that the fleet air arm will get control of the air groups. The crabs are determined that when it happens we will have no trained fixed wing pilots or mechanics, certainly not sufficient anyway.
  20. Hello all
    Passed my RT today, passed for my first choice too, AET.
    Thanks for the advice and support everyone. Especially Ninja Stoker, MLP, Waspie and Cpt Black.


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