Desperate attempt to penny pinch..or wholly justified!!!

Discussion in 'Royal Naval Reserve (RNR)' started by WarMonger, Jan 10, 2007.

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  1. FITNESS TESTS ComMarRes has issued the following policy with regard to fitness tests:

    a. For those who are in all other respects qualified for Bounty, have taken the Fitness Test but failed it, there will be no deduction of Bounty.
    b. For those who are in all other respects qualified for Bounty, but have not taken the test a 20% reduction of Bounty.
    c. For those subject to compulsory fitness testing and have not passed, you cannot be promoted.

    Firstly does anyone know whether this relates to this bounty year or next year..!!

    To make my position clear..I have no problem with the fitness test and will be taking it and duely passing it in the immediate short dont have an issue and for the sake of £200...hey ho thats life!!

    1) the compulsory requirement for many people to pass fitness tests expires in Sept 2007....bounty year ends in March 2007...why the sudden rush!!
    2) Are ComMarRes now to change the bounty requirement willy-nilly throughout the year..moving the goal posts as they see fit to make savings on the budget
    3) Are they really suggesting that people whilst not fulfilling their fitness test who have worked their bollocks off over the year and been highly effective "despite not passing the fitness test" should be penalised ahead of someone who may have done the minimum required but just happened to be able to do a shuttle run/1.5m run in time!!
    4) Are we now to see a desperate rush in the next 3 months for people taking their fitness test and failing simply to qualify for bounty....on the basis that failing your fitness test could lead to discharge will their be anyone left in the RNR come April!!

    What do we think...fair or foul!!!
  2. What about persons over 50 who are qualified for bounty but do not have to do the fitness test. Will they lose 20%?.
  3. As per usual edicts from above with little or no clarification.....sound be honest I dont know the notice delivered was as posted nothing more nothing less...!!

    Has anyone else had this notice???
  4. FlagWagger

    FlagWagger Book Reviewer

    Yes, and in I my opinion a justified measure to make people take fitness more seriously. The RN have been required to do the fitness test fro some time, why shouldn't we in the RNR have a similar requirement, especially if we want to be seen as being aprt of the RN rather than separate from it.
  5. Apparently when personnel are being mobilised, the main reason for being RTU'd is because they fail the fitness test. I know there is a drive withinh units to get everyone passed so perhaps now it has gone National.
  6. Where has this come from? Can we please get formal clarification from the DNRES chain of command (ie Master Chief!) that this is a gen dit. If so, then I have no problem with it. My problem lies with the astonishingly badly written RNRTM on this subject which frankly is not worth the paper its written on.
  7. We are seeing the new Cdre on Sunday at the MTO national weekend, perhaps I can see this being a question that is asked!

    FFS they cannot even sort out the pay do you think they will be able to get this sorted! Apparently it takes effect from last year!
  8. Anyway the test is being introduced in age bands. Cannot remember the exact schedule, but I know that the test only comes in for oldies like me (that is to say under 50) in late 2008.

    As most things with CMR things are introduced with no thought to the realities, it is true that the RN have to do the test, but equally if they fail, they get remedial training on RN time. There is only 24 days pay per person (if we are lucky!) for each RNR person, and we cannot do everything some in the RN does. Something has to give.

    Anyway I cannot see how they can introduce a new rule in the current bounty year, since this is clearly unjust. So while I have not see the new TM, it would seem reasonable that it must relate to 2007/8 bounty year. Although nothing CMR does would surprise me!
  9. i will see what i can find out

    carpe diem
  10. Maybe its a cunning plan to avoid paying bounty and the inevitable complaints about JPA :)
  11. And quickly please before there is a mutiny!
  12. Aye. My PTP does not state that I must pass the fitness test. If they change the ruels of the game at this stage I'll be unimpressed. I'd also be surprised if individual RNRUs could handle the demand.
  13. Ha. As JPA stands right now, there is no mechanism to promote a reservist to a higher rank, so promotions in the RNR have become ceremonial now anyway. I know a number of officers promoted during the crossover (October) who are still being paid at their previous rank.
  14. Answers as promised and my comments. Please note that there have been no new edicts or conditions implemented or announced on JPA or bounty or any connection.

    Bounty is not wholely dependant on just putting in the required days, its also about them being efficient in all respects as certified by their respective CO.

    If an individual has until SEP07 to qualify as fit and deployable then there is no way they would be penalised in thIs years Bounty, payable in MAY07.

    I see nothing wrong with people being discharged if they cant get fit to serve, the RN does the same and so should we.

    It is a fact under the current regulations that people subject to the compulsory fitness test who have not passed it are not eligible for promotion.Widely publicised and very fair
    Hope this helps, the above is all factual
  15. We've been told that everyone has to be in date for RNTF before 31st January or our Bounty will be reduced by 20%.

    Our PTI is getting ALL THE ABS (regardless of age) to do this on 1st February 2007.

    Alas I am no longer in my 20s....only just in my will prob be bringing up the rear...
  16. So for my own clarification - it won't impact this year, but for all future years?
  17. Mater chief
    the RN gets Time off other duties to get fit/er where is the facilities for us to so.
    Is this a new perk, gym membership?
    Remember not all of the RNR live /work within a bus ride from an RN gym
  18. well from my point of view fitness is a personal committment and shows that you can be bothered .
  19. However, now we've given them the idea...... 8O
  20. It certainly doesn't take a gym membership to jog for thirty minutes three times a week, lardarses.

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