Desktop icons disappeared....

Switched on my laptop today and all my icons and toolbars had disappeared. Tried to right click on the screen and restore icons and all that but right clicking did nothing.
Eventually managed to get on-line by going through the task manager and restored my desktop. However, next time i rebooted they had all gone again.
I can keep going through the task manager but its a bit of a ball ache.

Anyone got any ideas?

I am up to date with Mcafee and nothing has shown up...
I think you probably inadvertently pressed F11 or F12
Have done it a few times myself ! It removes toolbars etc and makes the screen larger
Just reset with -F11 am sure its that one

Check your power saving setting. If it has set itself to the lowest power output setting (i.e to save battery power) it removes your icons. Happened to me last month, only took me 2 weeks to sort it out!!
Thanks gents,

Tried them but didnt work! Geek at work told me another way of going through Task Manager and restoring the icons quickly. it still doesnt retain them after rebooting but at least it works.

Think my laptop must have visited a dodgy site and caught the clap while it was unattended :oops:
So, are you saying it's caught the clap and gone down on you.
That's really unfortunate. :(
There's one thing that a computer is guaranteed to do. Break! :(
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