Designing a sex toy

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by K640, Sep 29, 2010.

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  1. A mate of mine is studying Product Design a uni and one of his final year projects is to design a sex toy.

    Now having already cracked the obvious jokes about internet based "research" I thought I'd be a bit more helpful so I'm appealing to the good people of RR to lend a hand.

    So if anyone has any revolutionary ideas or witty names the floor is open...
  2. Re: Desinging a sex toy

    Desinging? 8O

    Anyway K640, the very nature of this 'project' confirms my suspicion of these Micky Mouse degrees - Unless he is angling after a career at Anne Summers or within the Porn Industry. :roll:

    Re: The Orgasmatron (Classic!) Clip: I tink Milo O'Shea was playing a couple of bum notes dere.... :twisted:
  3. he could start by designing a vibrator suitable for the fat slags that seem to populate the Jeremy Kyle show. I think one that runs in a 24vold lorry battery fitted internally may suffice. :oops:
  4. Re: Desinging a sex toy

    Crap spelling corrected, thanks Bob.

    To be honest I think it's just an excuse to watch porn but he assures me that he had no choice in the matter and that it is a real degree. Actually you've given me an idea for a range of Disney sex toys. On second thoughts maybe not :?
  5. Disney labelled sex toys has got to be a fantastic idea. After all put the Disney logo on anything and it sells. :p
    Problem is the organisation may not like the idea of a Mickey mouse toy with a 12 inch tongue.
  6. Re: Desinging a sex toy

  7. Whilst carrying out some renovation work on an Anglo-Saxon church
    in the Yorkshire Dales, workmen discovered what is believed to be
    a crude diagram for the worlds first fully automated wanking machine.
    The original diagram was spirited away by church leaders, but this is
    a copy of the original (as drawn by one of the plasterers). Now, if
    you want to earn a degree with honours, then what better way than
    by recreating something from the past?
  8. How about something that clamps on to your appendage and has a lovely set of eyes looking up at you. Does it for me every time
  9. Yes, the church seem to do quite a lot of that.

    Here's one they did perfect. The catholics have road tested it for many, many years. It's called the choir boy.

  10. They've already invented one. It's called a Steward !!!!

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