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secondpartoftheportwatch said:
Des Browne is about to be given the Float Test and it seems

....All latest news received and acted upon in the utmost secrecy.
After His p!ss poor performance on the Today Program on Monday, I am not surprised, he was cut to death by John Humphries, and sounded as if he was out of his depth, and a man on his way out.

Lets hope that we get a NON JOCK Full time Minister.
Re: Des Browne and

bearpit said:
Better to have an ex-serviceman in the post. Is there one??????
:pukel: :pukel:
PINCH said:
Pinch, that's deffo a NO-NO! :lol:

Bearpit & Pinch*, there is. You need look no further than HERE... :)

*sounds a good name for a pub..... Let have wets at the Bearpit and Pinch! :happy3:


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Re: Des Browne and

Steve I have read your previous post and I stand by my statement in reply to the question set "Better to have an ex-serviceman in the post. Is there one"

I have checked out your list and To be honest with you there are No Labour MP with ANY reasonable time in ;;;

Eric Joyce (Labour) - Private, Black Watch Regiment 1978-81;Officer 1987-99
A senior officer who wrote a series of articles criticising the army as snobbish now faces the sack. Major Eric Joyce has been told by his commanding officer that he is regarded as unemployable (BBC News 1998)

Alan Keen (Labour/Co-operative) - Army service (3 years)
Joe Benton (Labour) - RAF national service 1955-57 (2 years)
Colin Challen (Labour) - RAF 1971-74 (3 Years)
John Smith (Labour) - RAF 1967-71 (4 Years)
Robert Wareing (Labour) - RAF 1948-50 (2 Years)
Ben Chapman (Labour) - Pilot Officer, RAFVR 1959-61 (3 Years)

Looks like Eric has it
:thumright: :thumright:
Edited spelling

Edited again to add "He's another Frisp" is there no end to the buggers????


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Re: Des Browne and

Just a few more bits of information, having read this I am sure he will be IN THE FRAME:

* Mr Joyce has been dubbed an "embarrassing sycophant" by ex-Labour deputy leader Roy Hattersley
* In the published MP expense accounts for 2005-2006, he spent more on travel than any other MP, claiming over £40,000.


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Re: Des Browne and

Some chopping.
Norman smells like a fishing journo. Speculate on the future of DB by all means but Norman's uninformed and libelous bollocks regarding those serving will be culled.


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Re: Des Browne and

Lets hope that we get a NON JOCK Full time Minister.[/quote]

Non Jock, lawyer or doctor (MD) and non labour asap.
Sorry Pinch

You didn't think I meant an ex-forces Labour MP did you? ;) :lol: I believe the best candidate for the job should be appointed to ministerial posts regardless of their political affiliation.... well excluding commy and fascisti subversives that is!

How about Lord Brown as SoS for Defence with Lord Ashdown as Minister for the Armed Forces?



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Guns said:
How bright are you, He may be a troll and a pain in arse but 2nd Part has a point, and that point is that The minister is on his way out.


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Looking through Thingy's list again, I'm surprised to see no mention of the Sea/Army/Air Cadets as Service time in their biogs, as some of them appear to be claiming university air squadrons as Service before the Crown. Mind you, it's also interesting to note how much (little) time some of those who claim Service connections did in uniform!


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Thought I'd google his biography.!

Des Browne - Biography

Is is me or is there a small coincidence that he has been a senior figure in the Treasury and Immigration departments both of which could challenge the MOD for entry into the Whitehall branch of the Guild of Village Idiots!!!


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He used to live in the same street as me as kids (definitely NOT boasting about that!)
IIRC my older brothers & sister used to beat him up regularly!
I just want to get the chance to meet him on an official visit. Think I'd get into trouble for saying "Hi Des, remember when my sister used to knock 5 bells out of you?"


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Des Browne is a classic Neu Arbiet aparachick

He's a non person doing a non job to the least of his non abilities

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