Derelict Bases


Having done both Ganges ( as a trainee back in 76 ) and Royal Arthur as a Killick and as a PO on leadership course, then as an instructor for Killicks courses (Mr Perry's syndicate ) I had good memories of both, right up until the time I was kicked out of Royal Arthur because I had a "personality clash" with (yes you guessed it) a two and a half ringer WAFU. NO WONDER I HAVE A DOWNER ON ABOUT WAFU's. Hey! loved Ganges breaking the ice in the wet trainer before freezing my bits off plugging holes. Not to mention the cough and spasm (cliff and cassem) run at Royal Arthur. Carrying that barrel uo the first hill was really fun!!!!!


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Nice to see some Ganges pics - from the link above - and how fun it is to have the feeling that my 'modem' had gone back to the 9.6kbit one I once had....... 560kb for a 4"x2" picture!!!! (the page is still loading as I post this).


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My grandfather worked at a naval propellant factory called Caerwent.He said most of it was built underground.It is now derelict having been last used by the americans.Does anybody have any details of this site?


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Graybags said:
Here is another Ganges Link
Where are the short and long covered ways ?

At the risk of being 'zapped', the LCW and SCW in the pictures on the link aren't actually there, but..........
in the second picture the SCW starts just below the base of the mast and leads off to the bottom right corner, while the LCW starts from a point at the bottom of the pic, just left of centre, about 60yds down the road (or 'quarterdeck') from the mast and ran parallel to the SCW.
It looks like the entire Trogs' accommodation and most other buildings surrounding it - e.g. laundry, gyms, chapels, 'foreshore' - has gone. Can't see any architectural value in the rest of the place, with the possible exception of the Signal Tower, so maybe it will all eventually get flattened.


Yeah, Royal Arthur and the barrel ...... bloody heavy and crippling. But what a choice of PLT's. I remember supporting a fellow classmate with his PLT, Telegraph poles with parallel stranded wires to "Shimey" across. I only succeeded because a bunch of Officers were watching and I heard the instructor say, "He'll easily get across being a submariner". My legs, arms and hands were cold, stretched and lacerated from the stranded wire. Perhaps if I wore ear muffs, I would have failed that PLT !
Royal Arthur, i remember it well when i went it was six weeks, you were supposed to do it before you got your buttons, no leading hands course then,and if you had your buttons for three years or more you were excused it. So i didnt have to do it, but over drinks i was talked into doing it,so i did it.had a great time, totally unfit,we ran up hills my car couldnt climb, and if i was asked to do it again my answer would be a deinite NO.Tho i really did enjoy it.