Derby funeral


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I watched, with sadness, the funeral of those 6 children in Derby. What a ghastly end to their brief young lives. I wasn't very impressed with one of the men carrying Jesse, as he walked along with the coffin, I could see that he was chewing gum. R.I.P kids.


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A sad state of affairs when the police won`t let the parents attend-whatever you might think, they haven`t been convicted of any offence..yet-due to them not being able to guarantee their safety. This when they are able to guarantee security for the jubilee, Dalai Lama`s visit, the Pope`s visit, and coming up...HM The Queen meeting those (convicted) murdering bastards of the IRA.
Fair point Rocket Ron. It might have been a little more honest for the police to say that they didn't trust the general public not to behave like an avenging mob and create a riot based on (as yet) unproven accusations fuelled by a few mindless thugs and the media.
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