Derby fire deaths.......

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by Stirling, Apr 2, 2013.

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  1. After seeing this on the news almost 2 hours ago I am still struggling to get my head round how someone could do this........shots of philpott tearful at press conference sideways on and police chiefs look say it all, ''you lying t###'', the prosecueting QC is the one from Soham case, what 12 yrs ago?.

    BBC News - Derby fire deaths: Three guilty of Philpott children's deaths

    ''TV dramatisations of a courtroom are often wide of the mark. Criminal trials are usually more forensic style analysis than gladiatorial battle.But there were moments of pure theatre during the six week Derby house fire trial. Invariably they involved the main prosecutor, Richard Latham QC.
    Often found at the Old Bailey, he was brought in by the Crown Prosecution Service before the Philpotts had even been charged with killing their children.
    His past cases include the successful prosecution of the notorious Soham murderer Ian Huntley. His exchanges during cross-examination of Mick Philpott will live long in the memory.
    "You were in this together weren't you," he said. Philpott tearfully replied he wasn't: "I swear on my children's resting place." Mr Latham's response: "Don't descend to that. Don't demean yourself."

    Edited to add.....the similarity between Philpot and Mosely is , to me I right in thinking the girls in the family were being lined up for something in that caravan.?,.... and the girlfriend got away with her children is a blessing.
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  2. I was watching Granada reports before and couldn't help but shedding a tear when they where talking about the children and showing the funeral. What a waste of life, 6 little children who had the world at their feet gone.

    Hope he and his horrible scummy girlfriend or whatever it is rot in their prison cells.
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  3. The police will always get the individual that they most suspect to do the press conference. Good for the psychoanalysts apparently!

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  4. I am shaking typing this Lauren.....almost in tears, british justice got them but....I have not had a scrap in years but my thoughts about the 2 men in particular well... I think you get the picture.
  5. Every day a school outing F-S, thanks.
  6. They should be put down like dogs. Why let the tax payer pay for their up keep, I'm sure thousands would get rid of the vermin for free.
  7. And his violent past was revealed as well, stabbing a girl 13 times while she was asleep in her bed, he should have gone away for life then FFS.

    He is also quoted as shouting "it's not over yet", for him, hopefully not, if some slightly rougher prison justice is handed out by the other lags in wherever he gets incarcerated.

  8. See that's where the justice system really, really irritates me, yes I understand they've caught him and he will be locked away, but if he wasn't let out the first time 6 lives would not have been lost.

    Lets hope a proper sentence is given and he spends his dying days in a cell.
  9. How often have we said recently....every day....I was not aware of his past Wrecker.....for once in years as the courtroom artist shot was shown I struggled to light a tab.
  10. It was quoted in the article Stirl.
    But they were not told that he had a violent past - he was jailed in 1978 for attempting to murder a 17-year-old ex-girlfriend.
    He stabbed her 13 times as she lay sleeping after she ended their relationship, and also attacked her mother when she intervened.
  11. Just shows what effect it had on me, I could only read a small part, and totaly missed that.
  12. Had arranged to have some scran with family today, phoned sister and she was in bits, ''I can't watch it, I can't watch it'',

    ''watch what B###'', ''them poor kids'', another bombshell, she told me there was a programme on about it after the news......

    I watched it, mouth wide open, throat drying rapidly.

    I am 61, that has to be the most harrowing horror film I have ever watched, I am stumpted, I doubt her two sisters and father will ever recover from this.
  13. Yes I watched it to. What an evil man. Just hope he gets his reward in prison.
  14. We live in hope John.
  15. I don't know why they're putting a programme about the T*at on the tele how insensitive, and just giving him what he wants, publicity.

    I just want to give that little 5 year old boy a hug.

    Hope someone in prison gives then what they deserve.
  16. Yes we do Stirling.
  17. Yes, all the other cons banged up will have watched it, they are making plans as I type.
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  18. Oh I do hope so.
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  19. The prison authorites will have blocked all tv signals, but, cons banged up for drug offences have mobiles up their arse.......jungle telegraph.
  20. Was just about to say that Stirl

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