Deputy Management Systems Manager

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  1. Brief Description: This role is 'Dual hatted';

    Primary responsibility is for the management system through monitoring of its functions, detecting non-compliance, determining root cause and proposing remedial/corrective actions

    Secondary are of responsibility is for the daily management, control and maintenance of IT matters/issues

    Primary duties are to:
    • Maintain the confidentiality of all audits and for holding confidential company information that may be entrusted to an auditor or the Management System Department
    • Activate all audits in a timely manner as laid down in the Compliance Monitoring Manual
    • Maintain a line of communication to the Accountable Manager and the Head of Training

    Person Specification

    • Knowledge of JAR-FCL and/or EASA Part FCL requirements
    • Knowledge of EASA part M requirements
    • An understanding and working knowledge of Safety Management Systems
    • An ability to produce written reports
    • An understanding and working knowledge of:
    •Small business server and associated local area networking
    •MS Small Business Server
    •MS Office

    Qualifications & Experience

    • Experience within an Aviation environment (preferably flight training or licensing, but not essential)
    • Internal Quality Auditing experience and ideally formal training

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