DEPUTY HAVEN MASTER (Shipping Operations) - Bristol


Lantern Swinger


Transport, Logistics

Job Description
The principal roles of the Deputy Haven Master (Shipping Operations), abbreviated to DHM (SO), are to deputise for the Haven Master, and to manage and regulate shipping operations.

These along with the other key responsibilities of this position are listed below:

  • Deputy to Haven Master
  • Management and Regulation of Shipping Operations
  • Management of Bristol VTS
  • Management of DAHMs and VTSOs
  • Management of Pilotage
  • Safety of Navigation within Harbour limits
  • Departmental Quality Management

You will be required to work normal office hours Monday to Friday, and will be expected to extend these hours on occasion, which may include weekend working. On alternate weeks, you will act as the on-call Haven Master outside of office hours, and will stand-in for the Haven Master during the latter’s absence on duty, leave or sickness.

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