Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by catton01, Jan 5, 2009.

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  1. Pretty new too the site but i've been having a good rumage around and now comes time to ask a question.

    I'm looking to join the navy in the very near future, and will be going to collect an application form tomorrow, and i know there is medical checks.

    About 6 months ago i had some deaths in my immediate family. I sort of figured well obviously due to the circumstances i would feel upset. But along i went to the doctors after constant nagging from the girlfriend and he basically said this could be minor depression. I never went to any councilling or had any treatment at all, just that one chat with the doctor.

    Would this hinder my joining process at all? Medical wise?

    Any replies Appreciated.

  2. Im no expert mate but I got denied through "delibrate self harm" which I was paraletic so not sure about "deliberate" but some big headed nob heads will soon tell you, even though many are civvies again themselfs after retiring and still make out they are this that the other, best bet is to go your local AFCO and find out cos most do not know their head from their ********* on here mate x
  3. Remember that anything from almost nothing to nothing can be relied upon in the way of medical advice from this, or any other, web based forum. Nothing can you can write down can give any responder the insight that your medical records and a chat with the medical doc can give.

    That aside, here's some brief general information.

    The diagnosis of "mild depression" is one that almost every person could have been given at some point in their life if every moment in our lives were documented by a medical practitioner. The fact that you were given no medication and required no counciling is a sign that you had a normal reaction to the death of a family member.

    On the other hand, sixth months is a long time to have mild depression.
  4. We know that.
    Speaking as a bigheadedknobexforcesnowcivvy, I thank you for your kind thoughts.
    Self harming isn't that an Emo girl thing? Takes all sorts I suppose.
  5. Catton01

    There are a couple of RN Careers Advisors who work in AFCOs who contribute to this forum and a Doc as well. I'm sure that in the next day or so one of them will see your question and will give you an informed reply. The AFCO guys have been away from work for a fortnight though so might not get the chance to look this morning but they will look in the next few days, I'm sure.

    Good Luck!
  6. What a strange little chap you are. I do hope that your medication kicks in soon and that your remedial English classes work out for you.

    More to the point of the original postings, severe clinical depression is a most debilitating and life-threatening illness requiring hospitalisation and intensive treatment. I don't think that that is the case here, normal response to life's ups and down is more likely. If it were me I would put "a bit of the blues" behind me and get on with my life.
  7. My bold, it wasn't that i had the "depression" for 6 months, it happened about 6 months ago.

    Like others have said, to me it was just a case of the blues. Just thought i better ask as people seem to be failing medicals for all sorts.

    Cheers for the replies.
  8. Goth girls mostly.. dated a few.. looked great in black and shagged like the world was gonna end tomorrow!
  9. I get effing depressed reading about all this shite.What happened to being pi**ed off for a while? When my ol' man was asked about depression and post-wotsit stress he said that in the convoys you were too busy trying not to get killed to get effing anything other than a hangover.
    Are boys starting to get pmt now? must be this equality stuff
  10. PS I have a licience to practice medicine on the interweb,especially in matters pertaining to ladies plumbing
  11. Hey 4 to 8
    My old man did the Artic Convoys he drank himself to death by the age of 68 - shit affects people some can cope others can't doesn't mean they are weak. Don't know your background but some things come round and bite you on the arse especially in your sleep. Oh and grandad was gassed at Ypres in 14 - 18.
  12. Mine did Gibralter and Atlantic. Died of heart trouble at 77.Both our dads seem to have outlived most folks of their generation.My uncle paddy died of drink at 72,cnut worked in a knicker factory [gospel 8O ] for 40 odd years ,never did anything of note. My mothers father was gassed too in WW1 he died from getting effing soaked while working as a bin man in 1953. Me? I have the odd nightmare about a 3 month old baby that drowned and which I could not revive. I failed, I effing well failed and that gets me.Not my child but thats of no matter.
  13. About 6 months ago i had some deaths in my immediate family. I sort of figured well obviously due to the circumstances i would feel upset

    It is called being human!! If you feel nothing when you lose a loved one then you should go seek help. Sometimes we never get over the loss of a loved one!!
  14. Also have bouts of annoyance over an attempt by a certain Irish bunch of cnuts who tried to blow up the telephone exchange in Coventry. Having been to a few exciting places I thought Coventry was safe [boring but safe] .Must have been all of 50 feet from the blast and got showered with glass but not a scratch.Spoiled me whole evening I can tell you as the cnut with the bomb happened to be holding it at the time
  15. Ah friend thats what counts you care and feck me it hurts me too kindred spirits, picked my mates out of the water didn't find them all to send them home long story but it stays with me and I will never lose the fecking smell of aviation fuel.
  16. True ,and family usually snuff it in batches,3 within weeks of each other in many families but what's all this going to the doctor about ?
  17. Sailed with a guy who had to run over a bunch of guys in the water on a Murmansk run. Tanker in front went down and they had to keep going.His kid brother was in that boat. Mason was the name.Too many stories like that about ,you don't dismiss them but fcuk it you get on with it,otherwise we would all be goin about with terminal PMT.
  18. To ******* true, watch the movies listened to my dad but didn't believe until 2003 how old are you you old tw*t??

  19. Less of the old :p I'm only 63 .Many of my shipmates [in the 60's] were coming up to retirement so I got the dits first hand. But my God we don't know the half of it. One pal had been a jap POW ,used for live bayonnet target but the fcukers did not hit anything vital so he lived. But the barstewards broke most of his bones and how the man kept working I do not know.Pisses me off when i see some of the shite claiming to be disabled these days [with appolgies to the real diasbled] [no I take that back,the real disabled will understand what i mean}
  20. Got any pics lol

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