Depression - Uncertainty

I have recently failed my medical based on an episode of depression 6 years ago. Given the length of time that has elapsed between now and then, I was unsure of the details regarding what had happened. I was sent to investigate and then return my findings. The episode lasted 5 months (over the 12 week limit). However, I remember being quite slack regarding the medication, I missed days, or sometimes even weeks at a time before returning to my GP for assistance. On this basis, I am unsure whether this counts as 1 episode of 5 months or broken isolated episodes?

Within the last 6 years I have overcome much more serious issues than those that had lead to the original episode of depression. I have coped fine and show no signs of any subsequent issues. I know the military are pretty black and white about this sort of stuff, but are there any cases or situations in which individuals are looked at based upon their specific case?

Also, could somebody please put me on to any documents concerning medical requirements regarding depression. Thanks.


All points have been covered before ad nauseum. 12 weeks is the limit, missing the odd day of sertraline etc won't make a huge difference clinically. You can appeal if you really want to but the success rate regarding this type of query is low. Army and RAF use the same standards.


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