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Hi, newbie to the forum.

I have just passed my recruitment test today and now need to prepare my medical forms and wait for the interview call.

Reading through the medical form I noticed a note about 'depression in the last two years'...

In January I went to the doctors about a situation in my personal life - which I thought could it be depression when realistically I knew it wasn't, I was just caught up in it all at the time.

The doctor gave me antidepressants for 14 days and didn't actually clarify that it was depression. I never taken the anti depressants and I've not been in anyway depressed one bit.

Do you think this will affect my application?

I'm going to the doctors this week to see if they can write a letter to sign it off to say it wasn't necessary, if that's possible...


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The best way to prove the treatment was not necessary is to return the prescribed medication, unused to your GP surgery and request that it is recorded.

If you have a chat with your practice manager, you should be able to view your medical records in relation to the issue and if you dispute the diagnosis, then that is your prerogative...but, if the medical history indicates there was a diagnosed mental health issue, then unfortunately the medical standards for entry are valid in order to safeguard your wellbeing and those who may subsequently rely upon you functioning at 100% in an operational environment, potentially under extreme duress.

Best of luck.


Thanks Ninja.

I have been to the doctors this morning, they said they would record it as we've spoke but can confirm it was not clinical depression and it was just a rough patch in my life.

So I'm hoping whenever the navy contact my GP that will be good enough to pass my medical.

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