Depression and prozac

Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by chuck, Jul 25, 2009.

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  1. Im due to start Raleigh in October and this week after feeling low and having sleep problems for a month or so, so I trotted off to my GP and he prescribed Prozac for me.

    I have a history of depression/anxiety due to physical and emotional abuse as a child/teenager which I disclosed during my medical.
    When I am active and busy I am fine, and training for Raleigh has done me a world of good. I'm not or ever have been suicidal.

    I think the Navy would be very good for me as it seems like an active and goal orientated lifestyle. I'm going to ring the afco this coming week to let the know about the changes.

    Would it affect my Navy entry do you think? I'm really worried it will and to be honest I think being stopped from going to Raleigh would make my depression far worse.

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  3. No it's not. And i'm female!
  4. I'm not sure, but I'd assume that it might worry them a bit - needing prozac for depression just before you start training might mean you're currently unfit for service. But I don't know, someone will be along shortly to shut me up and give you the right info.
    How long did you wait between your last part of treatment for depression and applying, btw? Did it cause you any problems during the process?
  5. I finished treatment last time about 4 years ago and I applied in February this year.
    No not caused any problems and I declared it in my medical etc.
    I really think that if I was turned down because of this I would spiral back into a deeper depression.
  6. Well I hope it all goes ok for you - I'm only just beginning the application process, so I don't know anything, really, but I honestly think it could worry those in charge a little bit. Sorry if that's not what you want to hear, and it must be tough, but you may as well be prepared for getting turned down if the worst comes to the worst.
    As I said, though, there are several people here who will be able to give you more info. Best of luck!
  7. Judging by other posts on here, I imagine they'd seek advice from someone higher up the chain of command if it is indeed an issue.

    Out of curiosity, if training for Raleigh has "done you a world of good" then why the prozac?
  8. Yes I understand where you're coming from but what I mean is having a goal like the Navy has motivated me a helluva lot.
    Motivation is a real issue for most people who are suffering from depression.
    I'm sure this low spell is just a short term thing though. Loads of things have happened recently that have caused me to feel like this.
    The doc put me on the happy pills mainly because it was affecting my sleep, not sleeping much at night but sleeping in til lunchtime kinda thing. For me, they have helped alleviate the physical symptoms.
  9. Jeez!!
    I never realised that Pusser was now part of the Care in the Community Programme.
  10. I've had temazepam for sleeping problems???
  11. If you are currently taking Prozac you need to tell your AFCO and you probably have to be re-medicalled or at least have a chat to the AFCO Medical examiner.

    My honest opinion is that they are not likey to let you join whilst on medication, but the Dr will give you the final decision.

    You must get straight in touch with the AFCO on Monday morning.

    Best of luck

  12. you should only have prozac after leaving the RN talk to your AFCO if he is wearing slippers he is genuine
  13. DO you have to practise hard to be such a c0ck? :evil:

    Chuck, Try to contact the Phsychiatric team at Haslar (if they haven't already moved to Brum) as it may help your case if you have a positive consultation with the Navy team. They have Registered Phsyc nurses and doctors who may help.

    Chin up and don't give up!
  14. DCMH at Haslar won't be remotely interested as you are not in the RN yet - they do not have jurisdiction and they are not covered to assess you over the phone having never seen you - so don't do that.

    I'm afraid to say you may have shot yourself in the foot. Depression is either caused by something (eg, my cat has died - I am depressed at this), or by nothing in particular - this is called endogenous depression. It sounds like you have the former.

    If it is severe enough to require medication then I'm not sure the RN is the right choice at the minute. The medication itself isn't an issue, rather that your condition is severe enough to require treatment. The tablets, incidentally, usually take 4-6 weeks to work. The guidelines are that the episode should not have lasted more than 12 weeks (which I presume yours has done) and that you are 2 years without treatment (drugs or counselling).

    I strongly agree with Supermario - you need to contact your AFCO asap and you will require to be seen again by the medical examiner. You should prepare yourself for a deferral though. In the meantime, I'd suggest you explore other treatment methods as well as drugs - cognitive behavioural therapy is very effective in selected patients. It may delay entry to the RN but there's more to life than that - you need to get yourself sorted first!

    Let me know if you need more info - PM me if you like.


    (Post edited due to error on my part)
  15. If it is severe enough to require medication then I'm not sure the RN is the right choice at the minute. The medication itself isn't an issue, rather that your condition is severe enough to require treatment.

    Or perhaps you may have a pill pushing Doctor?? I know a few that had been given Prozac when a friendly talk would have worked wonders.

    Physical and emotional abuse?

    It was not so long ago that many of us where brought up on physical and emotional abuse. A clip round the earlug for giving cheek and a good shouting at for not eating that food your mother spent a long time cooking and your father spent a long time earning the money to buy the food. Sexual abuse is a different thing!!

    At the end of the day only yourself can win over depression think positive and what a better way than to think and say you wish to join the Royal Navy.

    Alternative medication join a walking group nothing like the fresh air and exercise to give you that alive feeling. We have many suffering from depression in our group who inform us they are feeling much better and have gained many new friends.

    Gardening is another good therapy many of the trusts are always looking for volounteers to help out in the gardens.
  16. I had a bit of anxiety approx a month ago due to someone driving into the back of me it kind of shook me a wee bit so I went to my doc because the event was making nervous when driving (not shakey or panicy)just not myself,wasnt offered nor requested medication although she put me in touch with a councillor to speak to(as i said mild anxiety) she has told me that I am no more anxious than anyoen else its just how people express it. she said I have obcessive compulsive thoughts (NOT OCD) and she said I wasnt even close to having OCD.
    This course of treatmeant lasted 6 weeks 1 session every fortnight (3 x 45 min sessions) I would now say I am getting back into the swing and being my normal self again.I just hope this doesnt scupper me providing I pass my interveiw,as It took me a year and a half of thinking about the navy to eventually apply!!
  17. Do you FEEL depressed? To be honest, you said're having trouble getting to sleep but then end up sleeping late next day. perhaps you just need to beat that routine! YOU will know if you feel depressed and if you don't but are just having problems with your sleep pattern than I'd say ditch the tablets or at least go back and talk to your GP. There are definetly instances where once your branded as having depression etc, some GP's think every symptom you every go to them with is caused by some mental health thing!

    If you ARE feeling depressed, then that's a different matter altogether. Like the other reply, I'd say push for CBT, you can even do it online, believe it or not, and has proved to be successful.

    I don't know about how the Navy will view it, BUT you shouldn't look on this as your only chance! May put it off for a while, that's all.
    BTW I'm a psychi nurse, NHS though
  18. Have the b******d in laws coming on Sat for two bloody weeks anyone with any spare prozac out there? :evil: :evil:

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