Depression and medicals

Im recovering from quite a serious bout of depression (1st time iv had it) and im researching joining up. Does anyone know how depression will affect my application. for example do i need to be clear of medication for a certain amount of time or something like that? thanks


Depends on lots of things, including whether or not you actually have depression. It's a label that many people attach themselves to when their problems are actually more to do with social issues than anything else.

If it is true depression then there are more questions that have to be answered before a yes/no can be given. I would suggest that if you are still "recovering" then you are currently not medically fit for service.
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i went to docs over 6 years ago after my relationship ending and my mother dieing the doctor perscribed my with medication but never accually stated to me that i was suffering with depression so how should i put this in my rn application where it say have you ever suffered as i was never told i had depression
Take the form to the doctor and get them to check your medical records.


Depends what your medical notes say. You probably were diagnosed with depression but your suitability for service will depend on how long you took anti-depressants for (if that's what you had) and whether things sorted themselves out.


The fact you didn't take them is irrelevant - the fact it was felt you needed them matters.
also i have never had any problems or felt the way that i did since
wont matter if you were on anti-depressants or any treatment that lasted longer than 12 weeks its a straight no. Which is a con in itself because most treatments for depression last longer than 12 weeks anyway.
It's not a con it's based on piles of evidence. Obviously you're an expert though.
well i beg to differ because getting access to these piles of evidence is impossible to obtain because they cant find any written records as to why treatment is limited to 12 weeks and thats not my words thats your bosses words, captain naval recruitment cant answer it neither can the minister of defence personnel and welfare. Your policy has confused every civilian doctor I have spoken to including psychiatrists and psychologists, every mental health charity I have spoken to doesnt understand the policy either. In all fairness it would be easier to put a complete bar on any history of depression because it would stop people asking awkward questions. JSP has obviously made a clear distinction between depression that has been treated before 12 weeks and after as to what that distinction is nobody has yet been able to explain. As for the treatment of 12 weeks there is one option CBT but the way the NHS is the waiting lists are upwards of a year to get on a CBT course so the next fastest and easiest are anti-depressants which will give you a course for four to six months. If you are treated in 4 months you will be congratulated as to how quickly you recovered but its still a month too long for the MoD. You ask why one depressive episode that has been treated for more than 12 weeks after youve waited the 2 years set in JSP is such a risk when JSP allows two depressive episodes after a wait of 3 years (as long as treatment isnt longer than 12 weeks of course) is such a risk, nobody can answer that question either. Now im not an expert but you dont have to be an expert to start wondering why people are unwilling to answer your questions. I think people have a right to know why they cant join, its not too much to ask really. As for whether this evidence exists youve thrown all that out of the window with your anti-stigma campaigns over mental illness and how people arent weak and can and will go on to have full careers within the forces. What do you think?

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