Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by come_the_day, May 3, 2006.

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  1. If foreigners break the law badly enough to go to prison, why is it that they are only considered for deportation. Surely the default should be that they are deported, end of story!
  2. Many countries are so dangerous that if we deported criminals to them, the various courts of Human Rights would be up in arms and the UK itself would be in the dock! The obvious answer is "So? Tough!" but it wouldn't work like that.

    What Clark actually said, and where we have the doubt, was "Where deportation can properly be considered". We would have trouble sending criminals back to Somalia, Sudan, Iraq, Iran and several other places, and where those countires are in breach of Human Rights - i.e. dozens of them.

    He also said that the "clear presumption should be that deportation will follow unless there are special circumstances why it cannot", and that the "guiding principle that foreign nationals guilty of criminality should expect to be deported".

    It was a speech designed to pacify those that want to get rid of foreign criminals. However, it would still have to be adopted as law here - Tories would probably vote for it, but probably not LibDems, Greens etc.
  3. Better half tells thee that they where trying to dump a load of TRIAD types back to China from Dublin. Of course this cannot be so they would face the death penalty once landed. As usual they where all naughty types doing naughty things probably with hatchets!!

    Do we need to import scum bags when we have our very own home bred scum.


    A judge who jailed a man for five years for raping a 13-month-old girl failed to take account of the gravity of his offences, appeal judges have heard.

    More than 2,800 indecent images of children were discovered on his computer during a raid on his home.
    Most of the images had been downloaded from the internet, but computer specialists found some images which were of Taylor's own making.
    They included graphic pictures of Taylor himself raping a baby girl, whose age at the time was estimated to be 13 months.
    Lord Reed said he would have been jailed for much longer had it not been for a psychologist's report which suggested there was a low risk of him reoffending.

    Once again we have the psychologists giving a helping hand to the poor poor man. Probably his mother stole his dummy and it affected him!!

    Now this scum bag and Mrs Girlfriend Scum Bag I would deport to the stars in the skies free of charge.
  4. Welcome to Britain.

    We are happy to have you here if you contribute positively to our way of life. The British way of life requires you to be tolerant of others. You may worship what or whom you like, or nothing at all.

    We think it would be a good idea for you to learn English, after all the Americans speak it to a tolerable level, so it cannot be difficult.

    We do not expect you to declare allegiance to the flag or the Queen, much less the degenerate examples of the human species that we persistently vote in to govern us.

    If you are found guilty of any crime that leads to your imprisonment, you will be returned to the country from which you came (generally France of course, but their tolerance levels are lower than ours). No further questions asked.

    At the risk of too much American influence - have a nice day!
  5. Forgive this if it seems racist - thats because it probably is.

    If I were the PM of our fine country, anyone who offended against our rules would not go to prison. No sir, they would receive a Grat Issue of a one way ticket to hell with SleasyJet.

    Why spend money feeding them in our overcrowded nicks.

    Send the bastards home - excuse french pls.
  6. I would suggest that if the person had not applied for assylum before committing the crime then the logical assumption must be that the person is in no danger if repatriated.

  7. There is an interesting article in today's Guardian ((G2) 4.5.06) looking into the RC Church's continuing role in protecting paedophile priests. An US ex-priest is touring the World serving writs on offenders being sheltered by the church. He tried to locate a priest in Wales who abused boys and girls, but without sucess. Taylor has at least got a sentence, rather than being protected. But I suppose it's all about religious freedom, which appears to be interpreteded by the religious as conferring an absolute right to do as they please. It reminds me of some local evangelicals who, perfectly straight-faced, assert that freedom of speech is an absolute right but any criticism of their beliefs is blasphemy or offensive and should be outlawed. It's apparently OK for them to call for gays to be eradicated but unacceptable to stage the rather childish Jerry Springer: The Opera in Newcastle. 'Spite isn't right' & 'an anti-Christian Hate show' they say. Interesting. I recall something Paul said about the gravest sin being hypocrisy... One law for those with the right connections, another for their victims.

  8. Is BNP's increasing popularity a sign that the average man in the street is just getting a bit pissed off at the leniancy shown towards these apologies for the phrase thats all they are.!! And are the BNP any worse than what we currently have for a governing body, not to mention Charles Clark and his gang of twats that are in line for big bonuses this summer, for what releasing rapists and convicted terrorists back amongst us..........
  9. Animals? I think you'll find that animals don't use the internet or distribute indecent images of children on them: that is a thoroughly human trait!

    The BNP's proposed method is to hang all paedophiles. So what happens when neighbours or The News of the World conflate paediatricians with paedophiles? What happens when the RC Church or evangelicals conflate, as they do, homosexuality with paedophilia, though we know that most perpetrators are heterosexual and statistically most victims are girls. In my parents childhood the church took a similar line towards Jews: so this could be a backdoor method of exterminating: Jews, Gypsies, antisocials, athiests, homosexuals and anyone who at any time gets labelled in this way. Remember Hitler & Stalin? Perhaps this would be a good way to rid Britain of anti-Blairites? One should also be aware that one not infrequently encounters known paedophiles (known to the police, social services, etc) in public protests demanding dire sanctions for paedophiles. I remember during the Paulsgrove protests, police in the criminology course I was studying at the time, pointing out that a number of the protestors were known to the police for sexually abusing their own daughters, yet posing as concerned patents! Even the BNP's own candidates in elections are not immune. (see, for example: Stop the BNP & Another BNP Nonce).

    The point is that justice must be fair to ALL parties. We used to have the Bloody Code in this country with executions for offences as serious as treason and as trivial as stealing a sheep. What is less well known is that as a result of this code, juries grew increasingly reluctant to convict. A similar situation arose prior to the abolition of the death penalty in the UK. We already see this in Britain with juries being reluctant to convict paedophiles on the psychologically unsound grounds that children lie about this, though this happens only comparitivly rarely. You can usually determine a malicious allegation through thorough psychological screening and interviewing, per Mr.Justice Pigot's recommendations. However we also encounter malicious and false allegations of abuse, as was exhibited during the Orkneys claims of ritual abuse with professionals going along with the moral panic. There was also a whiff of anti-English racism about this case if I remember correctly, though it was quite a few years ago now. On this basis innocent people would be executed, perhaps unpopular minorities such as black people or Muslims. Remember the BNP's unfounded claims about Asian men? This would be unacceptable, and goes, I believe, against the British tradition of fairplay and decency: the very ideals for which my dad's generation fought against in the Nazis in WW2!

    Fascism is NOT the solution!


    Who rattled his cage ? :lol:

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