Deport the scumbag!

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by brazenhussy, Aug 21, 2007.

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    While not always being in favour of deportation as a means of punishment, the travesty of justice that has occurred in the Phillip Lawrence case is complete and utter Bulls**t!!!!!

    Here was a man who dedicated himself to helping the youth of today. A headmaster and former teacher - he was an important part of the community and a valuable role model to those around him.

    What did he get for all his work and selflessness? He got stabbed by a ****** *******!!! This murderous cretin is not fit to live in the UK. I don't care about him being from a country in the EU (Italy) send this VILE excuse for dog excrement home!!
  2. hell prob get a council house wen he comes out
  3. I am keeping my opinions out of it (no! I hear you say) but the deportation was not upheld because of two heads of law.

    1. Human Rights Act 1998 - and I know you will all have you own opinion on this and it probably requires no further discussion.

    2. European Law which has precedence over UK law by virtue of the European Community Act 1973 as amended. We signed up to free movement of people, money etc - all you people living happily in Spain you do so under this Act - now you have to live with the consequences of this.
  4. Like f**k send him home....what I would like to know is why the issue of him being deported is even relevant....the f******* piece of shit should be rotting in prison for the rest of his life......he was to be detained at HM pleasure with a life a life sentence only 12 years now...!!

    Realistically who is likely bearing in mind his past deeds to give him gainful employment to sustain himself whilst living in this yet again jo public will have to subsidise this shitbag with all the benefits under the sun and I'm sure a nice comfortable house.

    The only circumstance that I would ever consider to be anywhere near acceptable is if they deported the scum back to his country of birth ..i.e. Italy and that he serve the remainder of his life sentance there at their cost rather than ours!!

    Fat chance of that!!!!
  5. Nothing like a reasoned and rational discussion now is there!!
  6. Whilst I have no sympathy for scum bags English or foreign, I get the impression that some RRs were given a dishonourable discharge from the Gestapo for excessive cruelty. :thumright:
  7. then make the bastard watch wales play rugby
  8. F 106 I can handle a bit of banter.But your last was a little harsh. Wales are the greatest rugby playing nation in the world.We are just having a few coaching dramas at the moment.I little like England I guess. Anyway back on thread.Send the [email protected]@rd back home.
  9. What I don't get is this...I could understand (note I say understand...I in no way agree!!) the decision not to deport if he came from somewhere like Saudi Arabia or Iran (although as I said, I'd have no problem with the scumbag being sent back there if that's where he hailed from)..but he comes from ITALY FFS. It's not as if he's likely to face any torture there, more's the pity, so I don't get how the HRA can apply when his life's not in danger in his country of origin.
    Anyway, what about the Human Rights of the poor bloke he murdered???? Surely if you violate someone elses human rights to such a degree, you should forfeit your own!!!
  10. Make him listen to all that so called "singing" first so his ears bleed :)
  11. European Law which has precedence over UK law by virtue of the European Community Act 1973 as amended. We signed up to free movement of people, money etc - all you people living happily in Spain you do so under this Act - now you have to live with the consequences of this.
    Rosina, does that mean other European countries can no longer deport football fans?
    I take it the British police can no longer stop football supporters from travelling abroad.
    Or does the human rights act not count for football supporters?
  12. This is so out of order. Break his balls? fine. Shove 'em where the sun don't shine? Fine

    But: Make him watch Wales? You evil monkey! Shame on you sir and may you suffer the pain of a thousand boils on your bottom when England show you the way!

  13. And the lawyers take these cases as they bring in the easy money for them. Bless 'em - must be down to their last million.

    Couldn't be a lawyer as I can't defend things that are obviously wrong. I must have too many scruples.
  14. Another example of justice in action , what a joke although not for the victim


    Executive branded wife with an iron
    Tuesday Aug 21 15:44 AEST
    By ninemsn staff
    A high-powered English management consultant who branded his wife with a hot steam iron has escaped with a $5000 fine because the judge deemed him too "busy" for other punishment.
    Colin Read, 25, scalded his wife's back twice because she had forgotten to iron a shirt that he wanted to wear to an office beach party.
    On another occasion, he slashed her foot with a knife after she forgot to make his sandwiches, then repeatedly punched her when she questioned him about it the following day.
    However, in a move that has outraged domestic violence groups, the judge decided against a community punishment because he thought Read was too busy in his 17-hour-a-day job.
    The judge also said it was the circumstances of the marriage that had provoked Read, and since he had split from his wife, sending him to prison would "help no one".
    His wife, who had to be compelled to give evidence, was stunned by the judge's decision.
    "A fine is not really a deterrent," Elizabeth Axe said, who has now reverted to her maiden name.
    "People might think they can do whatever they want, pay a few pounds and it's all over."
    Even though the $200,000-a-year executive’s initial denial was proven to be a lie after compelling evidence, Read walked free from court just $5000 out of pocket.
    Ms Axe, who told how she stood under a cold shower for two hours after the iron attack, said she now regretted testifying in court.
    "Now with the sentence the way it was, it doesn't really seem there was much point," she said
  15. We seem to have agreement, then, that prisons are for punishment and not rehabilitation.
  16. Deport the shite , we must be fxxxxxxxxxxg stupid in this country .
  17. Nope everyone is in unanimity, only the members the tribunal seem to be living on another planet. Deport him and change any laws necessary to deport him retrospectively if necessary. And if they EU don't like it, ignore their ruling as France does, I don't see France getting kicked out any time soon.
  18. How can any right-minded Brit take the human rights act seriously when these ‘licence to print money’ lawyers come up with a ruling like this? When released this animal should be sent back to where he came from we do not want him here. I heard on the news this morning that his lawyer stated that the chances of Mrs Lawrence bumping into him here in the UK were slim, what sort of a sick comment it that to make?
  19. Seadog

    Seadog War Hero Moderator

    While cruel and unusual punishments are great fantasy fodder the thread is supposed to be serious. Some deletions-the funny ones have been left.

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