Deployments, Unrealistic Laws and Fostering Dogs

Discussion in 'Nearest & Dearest' started by alwaysonthemove, Mar 28, 2009.

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  1. Offered the opportunity of going on a three year foreign accompanied posting, we checked the viability of taking our dogs with us before accepting it. We have now just found out that a new law has been passed in the Middle Eastern country we are going to which has a great potential to affect us and our dogs. This new law forbids the exercising of dogs in the cool of the early morning or evening and limits our ability to walk our mutts to between 1000 – 1500 daily during the heat of the day. Therefore we are faced with need to consider leaving the two dogs in this country.

    Therefore is there anybody out there who would be prepared to foster our dogs while we are away on a three year posting? We would obviously more that cover any costs incurred. Yes it’s a long shot but perhaps another service family who understand the trials/tribulations brought by postings could offer one or both of our dogs a home while we’re away. We’re leaving in June this year.

    For further details please contact us on [email protected]
  2. I know the feeling
    Had a young pedigreed dog and then got a 2 year accompanied draft
    and we gave the dog to a relation with the same idea that we would reclaim him when we came home .

    Only snag was that when we did come back the dog had fully integrated with his new family --never knew us .So we left him with the other family and got another dog !!
    We did own a local dog during our time in Singapore we passed him to another family when we left .

    Suggest you contact a dog rehoming group three years is a long time in a dogs life.

    PM me if you get stuck--I am at present without a dog and have large house and grounds may be persuaded depending on the dogs type .

  3. Thanks for the advice.
    Already researched the rehoming route and also gone back to the dogs breeders and yes you are quite correct people do become very attached to their "visitors", and vice versa, which is understandable.
    They are two male dogs, a GSP and Gordon Setter aged 3 and 2, respectively and are the best of friends. They are used to living outside in the day but like their home comforts from late afternoon onwards.

  4. Have sent you a PM check your inbox


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