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Deployments/run ashores!

Best run ashore

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All Gib was there for was a last minute "Rabbit Run", on the way back to home port, the ones you didn't get because too busy pissin it up and humpin everything but the ships cat (that was for emergencies).
My intro to Gib was the Universal Bar just on Main street I think
Walked through the door 8) as you please (first time overseas... :wink: ) to witness some bootie running over the stage and leaping onto a group of guys in the corner and a scrap beginning.

Also tried Anisette there - didn't know it had to be diluted somewhat, and discovered what a hangover could be like 8O

Oddly enough, never found this liquor in Britain since but still can reember the taste.
Helsinki, 88 on the Bristol. Great atmosphere in the bars/clubs, beautiful women, and everyone speaks great English and likes to drink like a matelot! Thoroughly recommend it... and I trapped three times in one 24-hour period!!
Gib is probably up there cos of familiarity of the place, memories of first/last deployment runs etc, why being persecuted by the Gib coppers is so attractive beats me, although never seen anywhere else to buy a late night whole chicken. For me Cartagena in Colombia was outstanding, and a recent surprise was Key West (hands on lap dancing anyone?) the only good run in the states.
Jenny_Dabber said:
We all have our favorite country when deployed, my question to you is;

Which ones hold the best times or run ashores?

For me I will be typical and say Gib, although Kiel was a good run (might be to do with the beer festival!).

Edited: Have to say the 'donkey's flipflop' is welcoming. Well after I figured out that is not it's real name grrrrrrr................easyyyyyyyy

And the girls behind the bar late last year were gorgeous!
Gib.. well to be honest I can't remember much of Gib actually so I'm voting for Barcelona having had two outstanding visits there.

Being a Carrier fag I've hardly been anywhere more exotic. ;-(
Still Brazil , but remember Willmington Delaware USA , trapped a girl there who was amazing , had her dads credit card , did we have a couple of days of fun , top hotel , the lot , she was so fxxxxxxxxg pretty I was drooling , kept in touch for a couple of years but faded away with time , I hope she is doing ok , loved her to bits at the time , :roll:
So many good runs ashore........Recife, Alongapo etc., but the best for me was Utapao in Thailand. 5 days ashore the only accommodation was the 'Blue Lagoon' hotel, a glorified brothel.....and the RN picked up the complete tab!!!
Has to be the Far East -Singapore, Manila, Kota Kinabulu - all fantastic in their own way but the Firehouse Bar in Manila tops the lot. I thought playing Tequla Nipple was a pretty amazing way to pas the time until an old and bold Lt Cdr said 'My boy, you haven't lived until you've played Champagne Aresholes!!' Needless to say I didn't try it (no thanks)
So many good runs around the planet , my favourites has to be ,but not in that order Guadalcanal, Rabaul, Pago Pago, Tonga, and New Orleans, (10 days station leave there). it was a peice of piss to trap in those places, mind you caught the boat up in Guadalcanal. Happy days!!
Sorry JD, not read through all the posts, but how the hell can you have a poll like this, I mean USA, where do you start, east coast west coast north south, bloody big place, then you do not mention the far east, and the only place in the giul you mention is Bahrain, not that I would have put any gulf port down as the best run ashore, sorry JD, but as poll go it lacks quite a bit.

btw, its got to be far east, Singers followed by HK and Penang for me

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