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Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by Jenny_Dabber, Feb 10, 2006.

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  1. Gib

  2. Souda bay

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  3. Malta

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  4. Bahrain

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  5. Germany

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  6. Spain

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  7. USA

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  8. Russia

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  9. other (please state)

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  1. We all have our favorite country when deployed, my question to you is;

    Which ones hold the best times or run ashores?

    For me I will be typical and say Gib, although Kiel was a good run (might be to do with the beer festival!).

    Edited: Have to say the 'donkey's flipflop' is welcoming. Well after I figured out that is not it's real name grrrrrrr................easyyyyyyyy
  2. i had 9 months in honk kong, i am glad we got LOA as i would not of been able to stay p!ssed all the time if we haddent
  3. I've had twelve years here, no LOA, no subsistence. The pension helps though.
  4. You'd have thought that after 9 months there you'd be able to spell it!
    I was there just prior to handover in 97 and again last year and didn't really notice much difference
  5. If you're talking exotic bout the 'Gladyer Inn' Rosyth.............'86, '87, '88 were good times !
  6. My vote goes to Singapore in the mid to late sixties. Start in the London Bar in Neesoon then 'fast black' to the Brit Club and end up in Bugis Street shouting for Abdul. Always plenty of Septics to take the mick out of during their R'n R from 'Nam.

  7. Has to be USA, I love the way our American friends look after us when we visit. On 1 visit, I had 2 women fighting over who was going to take me home, I ended up with both (on different night unfortuanatley). On another visit, one of my oppo's borrowed some money from one of the american lads and told him that if he came to the ship the next day and ask for "Harry Skinters" he would gladly return the borrowed money, cheers easy
  8. Can't beat Key West followed 48 hrs later by New Orleans. FANTASTIC 8O

    Mind you, Murmansk (Russia) was a real surprise. Not a great city but I haven't met nicer people anywhere in the world - cold though!
  9. Would that be to do with the 'Pelican' bar by any chance?
  10. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    Remember the old favourite

    Septic "Why aren't you guys in Vietnam?"

    Jack "The Vietcong are doing OK without us."

    Worked everytime
  11. There is only one place left on this planet for a real old style matelots run ashore, even jenny should find something for herself. Male, Female,
    Ladyboy, cheap booze, cheap big eats, cheap bar fines ( you will know what I mean if you have been.) its all in Thailand. Phuket is an excellent run ashore, Pattaya is even better. For all those who never made it there then you cannot be classed as having had a full commision and the RN did not make a real man / woman of you. End of Dit.
  12. It's got to be Brazil , trapped in 20 mins , brilliant peaple , all the way to Brazil to trap some totty called elizabeth , but she was some foxy chick ,she even asked me if i wanted to change cabins ,[ think about it].
  13. Think your right Gasman --Bangkok never seen an ugly bird /crossdresser
    all the time I was there!! Cheap everything.

    Mind you The old Leadership school at Corsham was a real run ashore.

    Only time in the mob shagging all night and and getting severely Fcuked up all day!! :lol: :lol: Glad to do the Welsh mountain bit for a rest!!

    Went back for a two week crew visit cos it was ace. I think Wiltshire must have the highest count of sex starved ladies in the whole of the uK
  14. Got to be Bangkok for me.....B course massage with number 31. Although it has to be said the majority of places I have been too have been good in their own way.
  15. Gothenborg, Sweden. Good people, bad women :p
  16. Do the clearance divers get to travel around... I know they go over to the med, or far east to practise their war-time-role.. But after training, or are they more based in UK..

  17. With the demise of the Ships diver adqual, I would imagine the oppertunities for the 3 diving groups to get deployed foriegn will increase. Bear in mind tho, that much of the underwater engineering tasking(hull survey/blanking/poker guage readings) now gets done by civvy contractors. If a ship needs diving/UE support in the far flung, but they are in a reasonably well equipped port, then employing local civvy contractors may well be the cheapest option.
  18. Did u mean best run or vest run in the wife beater ,,,,,,ponder dude
  19. Six weeks in the Maldives, anchored off a small atoll near Mal'e,
    Swimming, snorkling and banyaning
  20. You can't beat the Far East, Singers, Honky Fid, Fiji, Japan (SUCH mem0ries there) - I think we also called Oz & Kiwi as part of thet area too

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