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Discussion in 'Films, Music, TV & All Things Artsy' started by brazenhussy, Oct 28, 2007.

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  1. You know what I mean- there is always one song that gets kicked to death on mess stereos whilst away - for me , our Ocean Wave '97 song was "dont speak " by No Doubt.

    Every time I hear it I remember sitting in the Hilton bar in Kota Kinabalu listening to the live band singing it-- they were bloody brilliant to btw!
  2. All that She wants - Ace to Base
    Corfu '93, Adriatic Deployment, Broadsword.

    Room full of Asha -
    Capetown '98, West Africa, Cornwall
  3. chieftiff

    chieftiff War Hero Moderator

    Same deployment bigger ship, I remember this from Malta, every bloody night!
  4. My first ever deployment, HMS Cardiff 1980 as W.I.G, 3N messdeck and the song, t'was Reo Speedwagon and "Keep on loving you" That bloody song haunts me to this day.
  5. States/Canada 1972 - "Take me home country roads" by some C&W geezer, not Olivia Neutron-Bomb: couldn't get away from it !!
  6. I've got a few:

    Joining up at Raleigh:
    The whole mess chipped in and bought a CD player, new technology at the time, and had enough money for one CD- that CD was 'Good Morning Vietnam', played to death is was. Nearly every tune off that CD give me the shivers.

    WIGS: Atlantic crossing with ONE :roll: mess video- Gloria bloody Estefan

    Every deployment on the Fearless:
    Ships band. Quite talented on their own, put them together, they only knew three songs- all three of which were 'Mustang Sally'.
  7. HMS Ocean - The Med = Moving too fast by the Artful Dodger and Craig David = Rewind

    HMS Campbeltown - The Gulf = Different points of view by Boulevard
    Russia = Castles in the sky by Ian Van Dhal
  8. HMAS Otama RIMPAC 80 deployment - Rocky Horror Show soundtrack.
    Lets do the time warp again!
  9. Weird, every time I hear that song it makes me think of Ocean Wave too! Although for me the Becoming X album by Sneaker Pimps would be my Ocean Wave soundtrack.
  10. One for us old and bold.........

    This ALWAYS cropped up no matter where you were.

    To the tune of RAWHIDE

    Paintin paintin paintin

    Keep paintin paintin paintin
    though the lads are faintin
    keep those sailors paintin...port side
    through rain and windy weather
    we'll paint the side together
    wishing we were on weekend
    my hearts palpitatin
    the meat wagon will be waitin
    be waitin at the end of my run
  11. 2 trips on Hermes, 1st one all the SRE had was Earth,Wind & Fires greatest hits & Bat out of hell after 3 weeks we were all bouncing. 2nd trip we watched Blazing Saddles every day for 3 months & sadly i still recite it word for word after 26 years!

    More beans Mr Taggart
  12. :mrgreen:
    Same tune, different words:

    Rollin' rollin' rollin'
    Towed array patrolin'
    Keep those engines rolin'

    Through storms and heavy weather.......sorry can't remember the rest.

    I half remember a song to the tune of one of the Carpenters;

    Stood on the bridge-wing,
    Looking.........down on the f'csle'
    And the only part of ship hands I can see...

    My memory's gash.....sorry.
  13. Another one Winsk...there are more verses but I cannot remember them

    To the tune of Give peace a chance by John And Yoko

    Everybodys talkin 'bout long weekends
    make and mends
    trappin snappers gettin crappers
    all we are saying is give us a chance.....
  14. Never ever forget the song Life in the Fastlane (came out in 76, but for the fall of 77 that's all that was played, even at Neptune, couldn't get away from it... during WUPS out of ...yep you guessed it..."Faslane"...needless to say, was not a favorite... :rambo:
  15. Bringing the Triumph back from Mombasa: Puppy Love by Donny Osmond.Arrrgh

    Ganges 71 Johnny Regae.

    Dolphin 76 Tears on my Pillow

    Onslaught 77 Cabaret We showed to film approx 20 plus times and everyone bought the tape in Gib after the patrol along with a tape player.

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