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Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by chatsharris, Mar 19, 2010.

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  1. The majority of us have had them, what gash have you won from it?

    I've done pretty well out of the one I've had, but the best I've seen was the lad who bought two tickets at 50 quid a pop and won two waterproof camera cases! :lol: Best part is he's on advanced leave, he doesn't even know yet!
  2. Our Chief Stoker who was organising the raffle managed to blag a brand new Peugeot 206 for one of the prizes.

    He won it.

  3. Was it ordered to his favourite colours and spec? If so that's even fishier than a wren on a mess visit.
  4. The last raffle on Lusty, before she went up to Rosyth for her refit, had a car as the main prize. And guess who won? Only the Joss! Go figure, as our colonial cousins say.
  5. Aye I remember, I also remember him been bombarded with anything within reach as he made his way onto the stage in the Guildhall
  6. That would've happened whether he'd won the car or not! He's a top bloke though and I was pleased for him.
  7. I was on there for just short of 6yrs and to be honest I didnt mind any of the MAA's, Even though I did seem to spend a fair amount of time down the shiny door
  8. What what a fcuking Joss top bloke?? has the navy gone fooking mad since I left ,you'll be telling me next that Himmler was really a nice caring family man who didn't mean to hurt anyone :D
  9. I should just point out, 1 deployment, and I got 500 quid and an experience day thing.

    My old man, 22 years in, countless deployments. Best thing he won was a walkman. In 2001.

    So he's spent a while calling me a spawny [email protected]!
  10. Sorry Stan, I'll admit I was suffering from wineflu when I wrote those ill advised words!

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