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Discussion in 'Royal Naval Reserve (RNR)' started by mixiblob, Jan 7, 2008.

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  1. Hello all, first post and all that so be gentle please!

    I'm a new entrant that's interested in joining MTO branch when (hopefully) I complete Raleigh. I like the idea of this as I might get a chance to use the old grey matter a bit more than in my boring civvie job.

    My civvie 'skill' is not MTO or RN related, but IS used in the Army. Could I end up being deployed on attachment to the Army doing exactly the same role as my boring day job but in a camouflage outfit?

    Any advice welcome chaps. Thanks....
  2. I'm no expert but i would say thats extremely doubtful.

    The reserves deploy you based on the training they have given you in the branch that you choose to go into.

    I would suspect that technically, what you do in civvie street is nothing to do with what you do in the reserves. If you came in to do the same job as you do in civvy street well then thats a completely different story.

    Besides - we're navy - not army.
    I wouldnt worry in the slightest.
  3. Simple answer; yes. One reason for keeping CVs of Reservists is so that their civvie skills can also be utilised. I don't know if they can mobilise you for that, but I know that you can volunteer. I have, using my civvie skills, and I know of at least one other who has also mobilised that way.

    It's completely up to you.. Are you coming in purely to do MTO or do you want to help out in any way that you can?
  4. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator


    Are you saying someone in the RNR can be subject to compulsory mobilisation because they have a sought-after skillset outside of their nominated trade within the RNR?
  5. I think voluntary mobilisation is a yes, but I don't see why they wouldn't subject someone to compulsary mobilisation if you have a skillset that they need and they're short of bodies.
  6. I'm fairly sure it has happened, or at least certain individuals have been pinged as potential candidates for mobilisation because of their civvy skills.
  7. Surely if they tied to mobilise you into a role for which you are'nt specifically traned by the RN, and for which you would not voluntarily choose to fill, you could wear the green hat and come up with a reasonable excuse to be unable to fullfill the role.
  8. BTW, what rare and esoteric skillset do you posess that makes you so employable?

    And isn't mixiblob an extremely salty username for somone who claims to be an RNR NE?
  9. To an extent. Some of the deployment requirements are essentially (any) and that opens up the whole manpower pool to fill them. In that case non-RN competencies could come into play.

    In terms of jobs that involve wearing CS95, some jobs that the other services can't fill do get pimped out to the wider organisation, which does mean that some of the deployments that Fleet are looking to fill will be originated by the RAF or Army. The numbers are very low, and the skillsets tend to be quite narrow so less likely to fall into the (any) category.

    It's not out of the quetion that someone with civvy qualifications which apply in branch could end up with those being taken into consideration such as a communicator who happens to be a Unix admin or ITIL manager or something.
  10. There is an aspiration to make better use of our skillsets in real life, although this is dependent on better mobilisation, better information going both ways and having sufficient time to mobilise people properly - i.e. not at the last minute in TELIC 1.

    If you have a skill that is useful then let the RNR know and if mobilised let them know again.
  11. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    It's quite an interesting question that's been raised.

    Volunteers within the "Any" category is understandable/acceptable & the RN would logically seek to employ the person most suited to the job- any related experience a bonus.

    I'm rather surprised however that someone in a completely unrelated branch could be facing compulsory mobilisation, for example a GSSR rating being mobilised as a Nurse, because that is their civilian occupation.
  12. Its an aspiration in the world of RN drafting that the most qualified rating will not be drafted to a specific billet :thumright:
  13. I'm not convinced it's all that credible. Given how p!ss poor the rest of Fleet is managed I'm not sure that their records of reservist CVs are usable for deployment purposes...
  14. To answer the original question, which I believe asks if a member of the RNR can be mobilised for their civvy skills, not for their RNR skills - I am no authority, but in order for anyone to be posted to any operational theater in any post they will need the correct MILITARY training, whilst there are some civvie read accross of skills sets, it is doubtful that such skill sets will have the same i and t dotted that the MILITARY skill set has, and therefore you will not be trained correctly, and thus non-deployable. There will always be exceptions, and by taking the queens shilling, we can all be called up - and not necessarily for what we envisaged, should the need arrise. However we would probably have to be in a worse state than we are now.
    To Sum
    Unless you want to be deployed using your civvy skill set, it is very unlikely.
    hope that helps
  15. This is from the RN Community Website:

    Mobilisation - Why Me?
    Specific Reservists are mobilised because of their particular RNR training or because they have civilian experience vital to the Navy. A civilian computer expert, for example, may be trained as an RNR Medical Support Assistant and he or she could be called up to serve in a Primary Casualty Receiving Centre at sea or overseas in a war zone; or they may be mobilised to help with casualties in a UK hospital. It depends where the need is. Equally, Reservists could be asked to serve at sea working on computers or perhaps in the UK teaching others to do so. Whatever is required.

    As for whether or not the RN can keep track of our CVs, I know that some RNR SO1's and Co-ord's have asked for them so that they can keep an eye on things..
  16. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    An excellent insight "icantfly" - many thanks for that. Whereas most would agree it doesn't happen often, as you point out from the official website, the wording is such that it does indeed imply that you could be mobilised for your skills outside of your specialisation- I very much doubt all Reservists were fully aware of that.
  17. All good points, however it is the likelyhood in the normal course of events that could be seen as more realistic (granted, what is the definition of normal course of events). Yesterday who would have thought that today we would have compulsory, as well as "volunteered", mobilisations to "hot n dusty" places in order to support our Army cousins. Tomorrow we may be called upon for something we would not think of today. If the powers that be, decide that we need to do something, we have signed on the dotted line, and compulsory mobilisation could result. But again, this likelyhood (and given the success of intelligent mobilisation) is probably remote. Without the specifics we are all (I included) speculating. Perhaps if someone has a genuine fear of being called up because of thier civilain skill set, they are not beholdent to give the RNR chapter and verse of all of thier civilain skill sets?
    Hope this helps
  18. HGV driver class 1- not rare, but not easy to pass the test either....

    In a previous life I was in the cadets and later a Rigger in one of the Dockyards. Uckers at lunchtime. See, some of us WERE awake!
  19. Thinking further, I can think of one or two times when someone was mobilised and filled a role that was linked to their skills - often nowhere near where they thought they'd be going, but always in the best interests of the service. I think a lot of it is down to communications - the near legendary story of the TA soldier and the broken Basra electricity station that the army couldnt fix - turns out Pte Bloggs managed these things in real life and was swiftly put to work running it instead of stagging on.
  20. Feckin ell Jan, all this over your driving license? ^_^;

    Dont worry mate, I doubt you'll find yourself mobilised to drive a HETS. Though the guys that do are all FTRS bods.

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