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Deployed on several or only one ship?

I'm joining as a Seaman Spec and got my start date a few weeks ago. Admittedly I'm young and clueless. Was wondering during my career would I be tied to one specific ship , a type of ship, or could it be anywhere I'm needed I get thrown. Similarly with the ports in the UK how does this work. In addition to this during training is it the case that for the entire duration I'm living at HMS Raleigh or does everyone go home for a allotted amount of time (weekend or so).
Any answers are appreciated.
With regards to Raleigh, you'll stay there until your 10 weeks are completed. You might get a leave period sandwiched in to your time at Raleigh and then you'll get go home for that time. Otherwise, you'll go nowhere apart from your shore leave in weeks 7&9. These are days out in Plymouth, so don't get too excited!

Regarding ships, I have no idea. Though I'd imagine there are others who can help you out!

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You'll get deployed to where you're needed so will/can serve on any class of ship, which could be either Portsmouth or Plymouth, switching between the two as the RN requires.

Very broadly speaking, you'll send 2.5 to 3 years on one sea draft before moving on to your next course/shore draft/if unlucky next sea draft!!
As a baby spec, you'll do back to back sea drafts until either a) you're selected to be a leading hand, b) break yourself or c) do more than 660 days at sea in a rolling 3 year period.

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