Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by Topstop, Oct 17, 2009.

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  1. Re: HMS Dolphin
    Posted: Sat Oct 17, 2009 8:15 pm

    I used to be a wren dsa at the dental clinic at Dolphin in 84/85 I loved it there especially going on the boats to check everyones teeth before they went on deployment always made us a brew and made us laugh!

    Had my teeth sorted about that time and before in Dolphin and guzz, only had one filling replaced since.

    At my last check up my Dentist said I should join Denplan as it would save money. Bowlocks £70 per year for clean and inspection as against £170 for Denplan.

    He said fillings last on average only about 7 years I asked why the standard of his work was inferior to the standards of RN Dentistry :D

    He was not happy!
  2. I reckon I owe my good dentition in my old age to the superb care I received in the RN from dentists who had all the time in the world and Wren chairside assistants and hygienists. When I left the RN the lack of free dental care was the first thing I missed. However, I do pay into Denplan which gives me six-monthly dental checks and hygienist care at about a £1 a day. If I need a filling or root canal treatment it is included; plus it includes dental insurance for travel. Private dentistry is frighteningly expensive, but you have to work out what is important. I would hate to have false teeth and due to RN care I should never have to consider them. If necessary I would rather save up my pennies and have implants.

    Edited to add; I still have some amalgam fillings from RN days which must have been done 30 years ago!

    Edited again to add: my present Denplan hygienist is ex WRNS and is superb!
  3. Did the Dentistry course at Victory Barracks as it was then known.
    The Dental Hygienists minimum qualification was 38D cup. Does yours have the same attributes? :wink:
  4. Have swapped a Surveillance office on a T22 for a Dental Department, beats looking at my WE colleagues, I tell thee.

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