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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by theplumber, May 18, 2009.

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  1. Hi everyone,

    I've just started down the long process of applying for a position as a submariner with the RN. I am confident i would pass the medical to get in but fail the dental standard to get through as i need a few teeth out. So question is if I need to get my not so pearly whites fixed in order to pass would the RN sort this for me or would I be failed without exception?


  2. Hi Mark

    What i have read i guess that you have not had your medical?, first of all they do not check your teeth in the recruitment process. I bet there is a lot of people with a bad set of teeth, including myself i must admit, dont worry

    For your medical, they check your height,weight,hearing, urine sample, hernia check (Cough Please 8O :lol: )

    You also have an eye test but that is with a optitions, nothing to worry about, as long as you have a good bill of health, you should be fine, and dont lie to the docs, they will find out :twisted:
  3. Find out about timing - from a general health point of view it may be worth getting your teeth sorted anyway: you may not join RALEIGH for some time yet. The Dental Officers at said fine establishment are used to dealing with all sorts though.
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  4. Are you sure that they need to be taken out?
  5. Theplumber.

    Contrary to popular belief, you need to be dentally fit to join the navy. There are rules and regulations regarding braces being fitted etc which have been relaxed recently. If you have teeth that need attention I would suggest that you ask at your medical.

    I know of people who have been rejected at the medical for dental reasons. It was fairly obvious that the individaul needed dental treatment.
  6. So was my doctor just checking my gob because he got kicks from it?

    Not to mention your joints, tendons, posture etc
  7. Thanks for the responce everyone.

    Drakey, thanks for your reply, and I appreciate what your saying that people would be binned if they didn't me the dental requirement, but would the navy help with this problem to help get you through if you passed the medical side ok ?


  8. 1 Are you sure they need to come out?

    2 What is your own dentist saying to you?
  9. If you are rejected at medical for dental reasons, the onus is then on you to sort it out in order to be accepted. Once you are in the navy you will receive free medical and dental treatment.
  10. Ok cheers guys. Unfortunately its the cost with a private dentist. current economic climate no spare dollar with a family to support. Thanks for feed back anyway.

  11. Can you go to see a NHS Dentist?
  12. Gonna look into it Soleil because I really want to do this and at 34 i'm running out of time
  13. The other thing which occurs to me is that your own private dentist might have a monthly payment scheme which could spread any costs.
  14. I've just passed my aptitude test and interview for AET and noticed this thread. My teeth aren't in great condition. They're not straight (though i'm sure he would have noticed in my interview if they were too bad) and i have a couple of cavaties.

    They don't cause me any trouble but how bad would they have to be to be rejected at medical if they get checked?
  15. I passed all my tests but when i had a medical, I was told to get dental treatment. I've got to ring up the afco once sorted and book another appointment with the doc. My co told me that 4 out of 5 people have to get treatment for the simple fact that your teeth need to be of a good standard so your not joining for the free dental care.

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